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Holy crap it’s cold! What do you do for the trunk?
(12-13-2017, 05:32 AM)Free_to_be_me Wrote: Planning to skip winter completely next year and just live in the south for winter.

South isn't much better right now. I'm in Jacksonville FL and it's been mid-30s for the past couple nights.  

One hell of a cold front. Brrr.

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One quick (but TEMPORARY) solution (an old backpackers trick) is to get a large plastic trash bag and pull it over your feet and legs like a pair of pants before you get into your sleeping bag. It will trap all the heat and warm you.

BUT... it will also trap all the moisture from your skin and make your clothes damp. So it's only good for a night or two, and you'd need to dry out in between. Being cold and WET is very dangerous.

Living in "Ziggy the Snail Shell" since May 2015
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Thanks guys!

I’m using a -40C sleeping bag with a blanket at my feet, and I sleep with slippers that used to make my feet sweat.... but of course those used to be worn in a heated house... very different situation now Wink
I’m glad you guys agree about the insulation, I have some reflectix left....I also have an emergency blanket I haven’t been using...and I could easily pick up some cheap sleeping bags I’m sure. I’ll give that a shot before buying any of the foam insulation.
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Ideally really insulate everything, but impractical for most, and as you say resale.

Second best make a box out of rigid board insulation, XPS best on the cold side, either only that, or add polyiso on the inside.

All four sides plus close off the bottom, no gaps

glue angled corners with Gorilla glue

Far up your body as you can.

Best sleeping bag you can afford inside

Hot water bottle in a cloth bag at your feet, make it easy to reheat if needed middle of the night.

Silk socks, under merino wool, then thick wool

ideally full merino onesie, but expensive
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Lots of good ideas. Now if you're cash limited since you're sleeping in your car, the key is to slow down air/cold transfer. Think airtight to external air, plus air and solid layers slowing down the transfer of cold from air and cold metal contact.
If you have no money, cardboard boxes with taped gaps to make as airtight as possible. Cheapest styrofoam sheets from Home Depot will do in the box or to make a box with as, or with layers of cardboard. Free if you can find them. Going to thrift stores on sale days for blankets or sleeping bags. Carpet pad is another good ground cover layer. Foam cushions as well when couches are thrown out. Any layer that you can find will help allot separating you from the cold and maintaining your body core temp.
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Vesper (12-17-2017)
Oh and cover your head with a beanie or hoodie or mummy sleeping bag. Will keep the rest of your body warmer. The old heat loss through the head theory.
BTW, styrofoam if slightly cut over size to window size will press fit and hold without glue or Velcro. Also saw online someone take cheap home Depot metal straps to hold onto place by adding over styrofoam and inside plastic side walls. 
And as sleeping bags age and get washed, their fluff and insulation value gets seriously reduced. What once was a -40 bag not long ago is probably barely half that or maybe even less after a few seasons and washings. Layers, as much as you can and a sail boat to the Caribbean. Or a hot friend.
Minivanmotoman,  Absolutely Positively.
Crystal Blue Persuasion, music video
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I wear wool socks on cold nights. Even with a -12C sleeping bag, my feet get cold when it's below 5C outside. Which it has been every night I've been in Florida so far. So I feel ya.
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Can find moving blankets cheap
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Are you able to spend some money on these?

You can buy these at any store that sells hunting or camping supplies.

You can wrap one up loosely in a sock, or beanie hat, something with a loose weave, and toss it in the bottom of your sleeping bag.
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For a little more one-time investment,

a tiny campstove and floppy hotwater bottle is very cheap, puts out a lot more heat and is infinitely re-usable,

compared to spending every night,

and you can cook with it.
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