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E-Berg Free Table
I'm not an official anything, and I don't intend to be bossy, I'm merely making some suggestions and pleading with you to show some respect and consideration with regards to the Free Table in E-Berg - You can take or leave my suggestions, but I hope you will support them.
The Round Table was originally used as a gathering place for the meet and greets and the like, but in early 2017 people started to leave items there that they no longer wanted, and it (informally) became the FREE items table.
This is a lovely idea in many ways, however, it will only work if people are respectful of it. If people donate items, and then just leave the area, they have no idea whether it was picked up by someone else or not, and if it wasn't then it will still be sitting there at the end of the season.
If it's still sitting there when the last few people vacate the area, the free table then becomes a problem, because it will be considered as dumping trash, or littering, which is illegal.
This means that someone else (Usually Bob, or some other volunteer) has to haul the stuff away.
Since this is an informal FREE table (not an organized one with someone else taking responsibility for it)  I feel that it is up to each person who leaves items there to monitor and be responsible their own stuff. In other words, if you donate something, you should check the table when you leave the area, and if your stuff is still there at that time, take it with you.
Additionally, since we all live by the motto 'Leave It Cleaner Than You Found It' it shows respect if each one of us monitors the table when we visit it, and if we see trash or something that is obviously junk, even if it isn't our item, (eg. broken coffee pot), we should take it with us and dispose of it appropriately. This should be a community effort. If we don't all pitch in, then it's likely that an end will be put to the free table, which would be a shame.
And Please - No really large items - This morning someone put a bench seat and a front seat from a vehicle there. These items are vehicle specific, and it's highly unlikely that anyone will take them, plus there are going to be high winds on 12/14, so these items will get thickly covered with dust and will be very unappealing at that point. I respectfully suggest, that it would be preferable for people to find homes for really large items by using this forum instead. Unless the Round Table is completely removed because of abuse of it, I have little doubt that there will be stuff left on it prior to the RTR and someone will have to haul it away. Please, small items are one thing, but large items cause a different problem for the person who is left to clean up the mess. Would you want to haul off someone else's couch? No, you wouldn't, so please be considerate, thoughtful, and respectful of your fellow campers and the environment.
Again, I'm not an official anything, I'm merely making a few suggestions that I hope you will follow.
(I've been a professional declutter most of my life, and I'm very much aware of how easily these things can get out of control, so I'm speaking from experience. Thank You).
~ Please, be kind to me, be kind to each other, and be kind to the environment ~
~ Insatiable is Not Sustainable ~ (Chevy AWD Astro Van with a 3" body lift, oversized tires and white in color; goes by the name of Studley Van)
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I took a peek at it late yesterday and there is quite a bit of stuff out there. I sure don't need anything but it was fun to drive by and look.

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x2 please pay attention to that very good advice. highdesertranger
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