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Propane Fridge process...
Unfortunately I bought this unit used, on craigslist and did not get a manual, i'm sure I could probably google one.

Sounds like i'm probably safe and won't see a significant drop in temperature, as long as its not off for too long. Not like this will happen often, just wanted to see how others operate when on the road.

The real test will be how long I can make propane last while out boondocking, that i'm looking forward to finding out.
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With a propane fridge I travel to where I'm based, rip the POS out n sell it to some fool on Craigslist, and stick a compressor cooler/fridge in. Did the 3-way thing for a year or 2, a looooong time ago, and gave it up for a bad deal. Usually, if a rig I buy has a 2/3-way fridge in it, I can quickly sell the fridge for $180 and pick up a used WAECO for around $300-400 off Craigslist.
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I just freeze a bunch of those 16oz water bottles prior to traveling, put a bunch in the freezer and fridge and shut propane off.  It is just plain a really bad idea to have propane on going down the highway, and the RV refrigerators will keep the food just fine if you don't open the doors until you get to your next resting stop.

Alternatively, if it is daytime and you happen to have 1000+ watts of solar on the roof, you can run the fridge on AC thru the inverter while driving down the road Wink
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