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Gas One Butane Cans for $0.99
(12-14-2017, 12:43 PM)KathyC Wrote: For those (like me) who love their butane stove, I bought a half dozen this morning at 99 Cents Only Store here in Cathedral City, CA.  

They may have them in other 99 only stores.

Interesting news as I've just had Amazon decline to ship me butane to California. Googling tells me there have been many complaints about this from both sellers and buyers but no one seems to know why. There is no state law against it. I'm in Marin, with no 99 Only stores but I will check out the Asian ones. Hating and loving the internet in the same 10 minutes.

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Vesper (12-25-2017)
The extra cost involved in Hazmat items makes shipping it impractical for such cheap products.

If you can't find it locally where you usually travel, then it is better to convert to propane, which by the gallon is a lot cheaper anyway.
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(12-18-2017, 09:10 PM)Woost2 Wrote: Interesting news as I've just had Amazon decline to ship me butane to California.

Good to know.  That was not the case a few months back when I ordered a case from Amazon (delivered to me in Cali).  Maybe I'll go back to 99 cents and get some more!
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Found cans at asian market for $1.99. Bought one to test my new stove. Are they downsizing all the cans? I've seen 8.8 and 8 online but these are 220g 7.76 oz. Will be testing the stove and can outside tomorrow.
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That's the standard size internationally, also for "campingaz" which is butane/propane mix for colder weather.

The Asian grocery distributors probably just buy containers of whatever's cheapest at the time, but I've never had QC problems with any of them.

Towns with multiple sources are usually better bets, the wonders of competition.

And besides dollar stores mentioned, restaurant supply businesses are worth calling, these are often used for catering and buffet cook stations.
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I found an eBay seller of the top-notch quality G-Works any-to-any adapter / converter fittings, shipping from Korea is pretty reasonable at least much cheaper than dealing with G-Works directly.

Note this type tank is called "canister" or "nozzle" valve.

The round squat style usually used for the little backpacking camp stoves is here called "screw type"

And for Coleman 1"-20 fittings they use "1 pound".

Yes a bit pricey but well worth it if you're going through more than a few bottles per month, propane by the gallon is so much cheaper will pay for the adapter pretty quick. And no more looking for the butane!

Plus very well engineered, should last a long time.

If you can't figure out from the pictures, forget the text 8-), post a description of what you're trying to do and link to the adapter you're asking about, and I'll do my best to help.

Note as you are browsing you'll start to see Schenzen knockoffs very cheap, personally with flammable gasses used inside vans or tents I'd avoid these like the plague, but if anyone tries them let us know!
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Minivanmotoman (12-20-2017)
One pound propane bottles should not be used laying on their side. Be sure to keep the valve end higher than the bottom end.

I find the local Asian Market sometimes has USA brand w/8.8 ounces. Other times west pacific w/8 ounces. I haven't seen the smaller ones, but I guess I will soon enough. The price seems to stay the same. I bet their primary users will put up a fuss if things get too pricey.
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(12-20-2017, 08:23 AM)Weight Wrote: One pound propane bottles should not be used laying on their side.
Same with the squat "screw type" butane.

The nozzle canisters (OP type) are designed to be horizontal, but are "keyed" to lie in a specific position for the inner draw tube, just like forklift propane bottles.

For people worried about the canister being so close to the stove flames, there are remote kits for sale to allow bringing the canister a couple feet away.

These are **very** dangerous, allow the canister to roll over, unless you get the "tripod" style one that maintains the horizontal canister in the correctly rotated safe position.

Any scenario that can result in an appliance designed for gas vapour use getting liquid instead can result in very "forceful flareups" aka boom bad!
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