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being a man and being politically correct or "Elephant in the room"
Isolated from having a Mother sister or Daughter, of which I have none I do agree with your assessment. Just 2 great sons On the right and my niece's

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Thanks Jim, that's was I was trying to say. It must have come out the wrong way  Undecided
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I guess I am not very current with the times (still use a very old phone)

I saw these shirts that said #Me Too

For me, the # sign means pound

Pound me too?

What does that mean?
In social media the 'pound' sign means 'hashtag'...
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Which is a "category" tag, so you can search or follow a topic thread across the twitterverse without needing to know the people's handles in advance.

A bit like a thread or sub-forum here.
never tweeted or even signed up for facebook, thanks.
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Guys. I am here to help. Just follow The Rock Rule. Don't treat women like you would treat your mother, sister, wife, daughter, etc but rather how you would treat another man but especially another man as intimidating as Dwayne Johnson. Would you tell him he would be prettier if he smiled? Would you "accidentally" touch his butt or his breast? 

"It’s as clear cut as this: Treat all women like you would treat Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson."
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I treat woman about the same as men, as a friend. If after being friends for a while more develops, than so be it. I haven't ever pursued a woman, friendship just develops naturally if it was meant to be. Of course, this might be a lot harder if you are full time on the road.
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(12-15-2017, 07:11 PM)wagoneer Wrote: With all the "me too" tee shirts I have been seeing here it makes me think . Approaching a person of the opposite sex has become suspect and cause for concern to me that the implication is a negative contact . Yah i get it , but I can't lose sight of all the good guys that suffer from all the negative press. Your thoughts?
This train of thought parallels the thinking of Bill Burr in this short clip,
What's a guy to do, beside the obvious task of never being alone in a circumstance that has the potential of negative impact.
Cheers, Rick
Don’t say things that come out the wrong way, not funny. Think before you speak. You have to change your way of thinking, I’m sure this is very hard for a lot of men. But after a lifetime of being treated as a sexual object women are fed up! I love that all of this is coming out now maybe people will start believing us. If you do that now you’re liable to get your head knocked off. How do you want your daughter to be treated? Sorry if this comes off as being harsh, but I just had surgery and I’m on drugs. Not responsible for what I say but after all it is the truth.
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