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Would cats be helpful in deterring mice in the van?

I spend more time outside than inside and like to keep the doors open all day and into the evening.
Is it possible for me to raise a kitty or three to help curb the mice that always invade my home on wheels?

Can you call them in when it's time to go to the store? Call the cats in... Not the mice.

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Cats are not known for their ability to follow orders (or requests).... Big Grin

Coming back when called is not likely to be something you could train for!!

Tiger would not appreciate you bringing a cat in to the household.... Big Grin Big Grin

One cat would be a deterrent but perhaps a couple of mice traps and some safe food handling tips would work better.

One of my friends now keeps all her dry foods in a couple of spare coolers...she's labelled them 'mouse lockers'. If it's not in the refrigerator or isn't in a can it goes in the mouse lockers. It's kept her place relatively mouse free since September when she bought the trailer.

I used those old wooden mouse traps for years until someone introduced me to the plastic ones....much easier to set and I don't get my hands anywhere near the mouse. I learned to throw the dead bodies out by releasing the trap at the end of my throw..I can land the dead body a good 20' away from the van.

I highly recommend the plastic traps...Home Depot has them but try Ace in Blythe first.

Even keeping the doors closed is no guarantee, the mice were coming in around the firewall...I found that out because they tried getting in to the garbage bag I had set on the drivers footwell. Now I set the traps right there as they're coming in.... Smile
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All I can say is I have not seen a mouse in the van or mh. 

As for teaching them to act like a dog Big Grin  A cat is not a pet, but a partner. After 15 years my cat and I get along well.
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my dog is a great mouser. only foolish rats and mice show themselves in my camp. highdesertranger
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> Would cats be helpful in deterring mice in the van?

Not necessarily. Some cats are oblivious to this instinct. lol
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If you have rodents messing around anywhere near your vehicle, better periodically inspect your wiring and make sure that they're not chewing on that. Lots worse than getting into your food.

There have been threads here in the past talking about preventive measures, some of which will just keep them away from your vehicle completely.
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short story, all of our cats had passed on, during summer we noticed tree rats running along the fence like a train! got two cats and in less than 6 months never saw a rat again.

It's my understanding that just the presence of a cat and they will stay away. Worked for me, but as others said, I have no idea how well this will work out mobile.
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Thanks for the replies;

 I don't have any cats at the moment. I'll give it some thought.
 This year on the plateau, mice have not been much of a problem. However at the river they were a pain.

Come to think about it, I have some pretty good dog vs.. Rat stories.

If the people around you don't understand you, it may be your around the wrong people.  Dodgy
White, 95 Chevy Van
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Cats kept mice out of our house, except one brave mouse who didn't get past the trap.

I don't have a cat in the RV, but I think the dogs are just as much of deterrent as never had mice in their straw bale dog house either...only really in the hay stack
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It is difficult to train a cat to come when called but you CAN train them to recognize the rattle of the treat bag and they will come running when they hear that. Trust me on this one! Smile
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