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(12-17-2017, 10:34 PM)highdesertranger Wrote: "fortunately for me no he doesn't eat them.  once the kill is made he looses  interest.  I think it's good that you encourage that saves on traps.  I also have no need for a car alarm.  pity the fool that sticks their arm into my truck." 

Traps are problematic in the house.  Hard to place them where my hound can't get at them.  And if another
wood rat/pack rat were to get into the house, no 'mouse trap' would be sufficient.  And the big, powerful
rat traps could really injure my dog...

Recently while foraging for mushrooms in my woods, I came upon one of those big wood rat 'houses'---quite
an impressive structure.  Have you ever seen one?  It was at least three feet tall! 

Rolleyes Charlotte
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(12-15-2017, 07:58 PM)Jim Plow Wrote: Would cats be helpful in deterring mice in the van?

I spend more time outside than inside and like to keep the doors open all day and into the evening.
Is it possible for me to raise a kitty or three to help curb the mice that always invade my home on wheels?

Can you call them in when it's time to go to the store? Call the cats in... Not the mice.

Just the scent of a cat (a predator) can keep mice away. But no, cats won't come when called...unless they feel like it. Keeping area clean and free of food particles will help.
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