Density apology
I'm sorry for being so dense, I really am, but I have yet another site navigation question. When I click the link at the top to go to Bob's blog, it takes me to the article on overcoming fear..and that's it. I can't find a menu of blog articles any where, or a list of titles for his articles, even. I know I used to find them before, but that's been three years and I had a working computer then. Now I just have a phone and it's frustrating. I do see a search box for the articles, but I don't know the actual names of any of the articles to search for them! How do I get to a chronological list of Bob's articles?
1. fancy, whimsy, caper
2. sudden start, motion, or change of direction
4. one old, blue minivan, destined for greatness
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La Tortuga (12-17-2017)
go to the very bottom of that page, you should see, "Older posts". click on that. that will take you back one post, then about 1/2 way down that page on the right you will see "Categories". highdesertranger
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Capricci (12-17-2017)

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