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Prius questions
(12-19-2017, 11:38 AM)Suanne Wrote: I'm on my 2nd Prius.  My 2004's high-voltage batteries were NiCad; my current 2015 also uses NiCad.  If I understand the research I've done, the most recent articles say that the 2016s and newer (Gen4s) come with the option of either Lithium or NiCad, depending on the package that you get.  The newer-technology Lithium batteries weigh less and take up less space for the same power, so Toyota can add more options to the cars with those batteries.  Toyota assures that both types of batteries perform the same when it comes to operating the car and its efficiency.

I'm not really answering your questions except to show that it's more complicated than one might expect.  The battery voltage is really beyond my knowledge base.   But, consider joining the forum Prius Chat and ask that question there.

I've been sleeping in a Prius since 2009.  So, my research and experience is that it's not any more dangerous than sleeping above a conventional vehicle's fuel tank.  That is, the risk is minimal when your vehicle is maintained.  The only concern I've read about the batteries specifically, are from those that think they emit an electromagnetic field which is inherently harmful.  Toyota is assuring its customers that the Lithium battery technology that they are using in some 2016 and later models is much improved since the incidents of the Tesla and Samsung battery fires.

If you go to a dealer to replace high-voltage NiCad batteries, it'll probably cost more than $3000.  If you get reconditioned NiCad batteries from a shop that specializes in that, then it'll be around $1000.  I don't know about Lithium battery replacement costs.  That's another question to ask at the Prius Chat forum.  My 2004 had 232,000 miles on it and all of its original high-voltage battery cells were in good condition at the time I gave the car to my son-in-law earlier this year.  And the car is still running trouble-free for him today.  I was the original owner.

Hope that helps.


Suanne - I'm having a hard time finding the Prius Chat form here - can you direct me?  I just bought a 2012 Prius V a couple of months ago, and am looking forward to trying it out camping at the RTR.  Will there be a gathering of Prius owners there, do you know?  
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Here's the link to the Prius Chat forum,

For the past 2 or 3 years we've had an impromptu gathering of Prius owners during the RTR by another Prius Dweller named David. I'm not sure if that will happen again this year or not. But, if it doesn't look like it's going to happen, and you want to have one, then feel free to organize and announce it yourself.

Solo travel in a Prius --
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QuahogDave (01-10-2018)
Thanks for the link and info, Suanne. Looking forward to seeing you and the other Prius People at the RTR. Smile
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Is it possible (and easy for one person) to take the back seats out of the Prius?
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Any "YouTubers" attend any of the RTR Prius related get-togethers ?  Got any links ?..........Thanks
Ken in Anaheim
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(01-16-2018, 12:01 PM)Harmonica Wrote: Is it possible (and easy for one person) to take the back seats out of the Prius?


On my gen 3 the rear bottom cushion comes out very easy

The gold down seats require I believe a 14 mm wrench and they take a bit of time to remove but not hard

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