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Van Safes/Lock Boxes: Buy It or Build It?
I have a number of valuables that I'd like to take with as I do a van build:

  • DSLR Camera
  • Laptop
  • Other electronics
There are threads on the forum regarding certain states having rules against hidden compartments in your vehicle. In the interest of keeping things legal, what about installing a safe for valuables, or building your own lockbox of sorts.

For instance, one could buy a safe like this one here and lag bolt it into the van's frame for added security. Doesn't have to be that specific model, but you get the idea.

Another option I'm looking into would be to build one from scratch.

For those of you who carry valuables with you on the regular, what kind of safe system have you purchased or built? Let's hear your ideas/videos/pictures/links! Thanks for any pointers for a newbie!
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dawnann7 (12-18-2017)
Thanks for asking this, I was considering the same thing. I noticed today that Harbor Freight has several different sizes of safes.
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I have an old fire proof lock box bolted to the floor behind some stuff. The only rules your vehicle has to meet are the ones in the state it is registered.
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If you do that, I would think about buying one with a mechanical lock, either rotary combination or a simple key lock.

Electronics always fail, sooner or later.

I'd hate to lose my money (or my passport!) because I can't open the damn chinese lock after the 9v battery died.
Never trust a camp cook with lots of shiny new pans...
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azmike9 (12-20-2017), GypsySpirit (12-20-2017)

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