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The scamers are out in full force
I just got a robo call claiming to be from the IRS.  They claimed that they had tried to get in touch with me for six months... ( they had not )  They also claimed that they were about to take out a warrant for my and my family's arrest.  And if I wanted to avoid this I needed to call.  ###-###-#### immediately . 

Of course what they really want is for me to give them my credit card number over the phone.  

THE IRS DOES NOT PLACE SUCH CALLS!!!  They might pay you a visit however...

Watch out for this scam.
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I strung these people along for a half hour wasting as much of their time as I could and sent them packing. Told them I had their number and was going to call the Police at the end of the call when they hung up! It was fun!

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free2enjoy (12-18-2017)
One would think people gullible enough to fall for scams like this would've lost all their money already. But there must be enough of them with money to make it worth the scammers' time looking for them.
Someone wanted me to put this here:
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My friend told them....come and get me. "Can I count on you getting here before dinner?" "I am really sick of cooking and cleaning....I can get caught up on my reading.....when did you say you would be here?"

The scammer was dismayed that she just did not care....come and get me!
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I hired a dozen of them to work for the CIA, told them to call a secret line and ask for Captain kangaroo. if I hadn't been laughing so hard at their eagerness I would have actually looked up the number to Langley.
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When I get a call like that from a woman I just ask what they are wearing and unfortunately they immediately hang up.

Just before Thanksgiving I got a call and a male voice said "Grandpa?" We did a little back and forth and I guess it was going to lead to my grandson needing some money wired to him so that he could get 'Home'. He was using a common name like John. You could hear in the background that he was in a phone bank. Those people must be awfully hard up for a job or have no soul.

Then there were the Microsoft security scams (seem to have quit). I told one that I had a MAC and he said "I'll transfer you". Hilarious!!

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There's ads of the radio stating that if you have trouble with the IRS WE'LL FIGHT FOR YOU! Makes me laugh.

I used to work in public accounting (a decade ago). They want you to use their forms. Fill them out correctly, pay (if necessary), and it's all over.

If you can't pay, send an OFFER in COMPROMISE. If your spouse is out of hand, there are innocent spouse rules to protect you. Again, these are forms.

Moral of the Story, use their forms. I don't think they want to talk to you. LOL
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if you have the bandwidth or can get to wifi then go onto YouTube and type in phone scams, there's all kinds of people who prank the scammers, the main ones are the Nigerian money scams, the IRS and the Microsoft. Apparently some of the better anti-scammers get into the scammers systems and lock them up or delete their data.  It's fun to listen to anyway.  I haven't gotten any of these calls, so all of my ideas of how to yank their chain have not been put into effect yet. 

It is a sorry thing that people fall for this crap, but many do, especially elderly.
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I block these numbers as soon as I hang up on them. However I’ve been getting lots of fraudulent emails too.
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I keep hearing about all of these scams but none of them ever call me...I never get to have any fun!
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