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Vegas Nascar jobs
I know nothing but what I've copied and pasted, below

"LVMS (Las Vegas Motor Speedway) is hiring! Interested in being a Workamper for our NASCAR race weekends? We’re looking to hire RV Lot hosts. This is a paid position and includes an RV space for the entire week.
Apply by emailing your resume to"
I'd like to give myself a few negative ratings, because I am such a big meanie. The forum won't allow it. Feel free!

Cyndi (made it across the cattle guard)

"I reject your reality and substitute my own."
~ Adam Savage
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geogentry (12-19-2017), highdesertranger (12-18-2017)
And I was hoping for a pit crew job. Maybe the guy that gives the driver a drink from behind the wall using that stick thing.

"We're all bozos on the bus, so might as well sit back and enjoy the ride."

Wavy Gravy

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highdesertranger (12-18-2017)
One of the bloggers I used to read was a Nascar driver -- he drove the parking lot shuttles. I think that was Phonex though. Expect crowded conditions, RVs packed together.
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