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Windows, yea or nea?
I also vote for having windows.  

Even though 99.999% of the time my tinted windows are covered with Reflectix, sometimes it's nice to remove it and let the sunlight in.  
It's also nice, when my surroundings are pretty or scenic, to be able to see out.  

Other times I like knowing nobody can see me inside the van.  This is especially useful when I'm using the toilet.   Tongue
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deadwood (12-26-2017)
if you want stealth then you need no windows, but if your going to campgrounds the majority of time maybe windows.

Windows equal heat, all the heat comes in through the windows. 
My astrovan does have side and rear windows but they are all heavily insulated, about 2 inches of foam each.

I actually placed a clear plastic cover on one of my roof vents to let light in, but that equals heat and I realized I didnt really liked sunlight that much, my LED lighting is sufficient. So roof vent is now covered over with foam insulation.

My recommendation is no windows, if you need to look at he scenery just sit in the front but you going to realize sun equals heat. If you going to live in your van, keeping the heat out is number one priority.
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I like my window configuration. I have windows in the side and back doors. It lets enough light in and ability to see outside that it's very comfortable. I also like being able to use the rearview mirror and see out the side doors when driving. My old van had lots of windows and I ended up having most of them blocked out anyway.
-My advice is always worth what you paid for it.
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it's easier to cover a window you don't want than it is to open a window you don't have

i like views.  i'd drive a fishbowl if i could, because i want to see what's out there.
i got lucky when i stumbled on my Transit 250 with sliders and windows on both sides, and window in the rear doors.  it's perfect for me.
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Love our Sprinter windows! It’s nice to keep the Reflectix on the sunny side of the van (and on all windows at night), but have the other side open for the view.

Our windows have limo tint, so it is pretty private.
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On the surface, the answer is clear. Wink.
But in the long run, other factors may have more weight. Or not, depends on you.

First one is priorities and lifestyle. What aspects are important to you? Where are you parked overnight? Personal choices? 
If you spend allot of time in your van, or in nature, of course windows. If you're an urban dweller, maybe stealth is more important. If you're like me and like it dark to sleep, the compromise might be worth no windows. If you're always outside of your van, need insulation from hot or cold, maybe windows not that big a benefit. Or require only a few. 
Assess what you will be doing, your past experience with windows and decide from there.
Minivanmotoman,  Absolutely Positively.
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I’ll go with the pop out windows in the side and rear doors. Getting them tinted and make curtains for them. I’ll need privacy a few times, sleeping, doing my business and reading. But I think I would like to have the option definitely.
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eye didn't see any mention of some of the window films available so i'll share what my wife and i decided to do on van build 2 (our 2017 PM still at conversion shop). 

We wanted the side cargo door window for side blind spot coverage mainly, and also the idea it would be a nice view from the two front swiveled seats while in camp, BUT we also wanted privacy. I searched online and asked a local window tinting outfit (that i'd had do tinting on Van 1) if they could install the white-perforated vinyl on the slider and rear was a special order vinyl/wrap but only a couple day wait. They installed it and you can not make out any defined shapes inside even with the LED lights on. Here is a pic of our van before it went into the conversion shop (should be out in a month or so at this point)...

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=17627&d=1505330360]
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Anyone interested in RV style windows, inexpensively, should contact either Bontrager’s Surplus or Johnson Supply in White Pigeon, Mi. They both have websites. They have thousands in stock. I got all the windows for my Peterbilt conversion from these folks and none cost over $35.

I have no business interest in either one of these places. They are both a great resource car for anything RV related.
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highdesertranger (12-26-2017), tx2sturgis (12-26-2017)
I like having windows but it is a trade off. They do let in a lot more heat and or cold. But for me the trade off is worth it. Lots of times camping I like to pull my window covers off and let in the natural light. Sometimes my view is too good to pass up. Most of the time I do leave them covered for privacy and stealth.

It really comes down to choice and compromise. I was willing to compromise because I like the option to see out. For others it just isn't as important. I would go with what feels right to you. As long as you know what the compromise is you won't have any regrets.
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