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Windows, yea or nea?
I love the option of having windows for light, heat, seeing who just pulled up near me, etc. I also like to cover them for privacy, warmth/cooling the van.

I use these:

I know it's a lot cheaper to make your own but I like the looks of these, they fit my windows perfectly, and they're easy to put up and take down. Plus, it's important to splurge and treat yourself (and your home) to something nice once in a while.

Merry Christmas, everyone!
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When I bought my commercial van, I kind of knew there was not many windows: but there were none. If you have cameras all the way around, it is much more efficient than random looks out of random windows anyway. It normally stays pretty cool inside the cave, almost even on hot days in the South and the ac is super efficient (although I'm trying to find a low profile, reliable, light weight, roof ac for camping - if there is one!?!?) Security is another bonus feature, and stealth is a plus too. And for your eye health, nothing is as good as the Sun and fresh air daily anyway. Sometimes it seems hard to schedule in routinely.

The cons are, other than cameras are pretty much required now - esp. for backup, is ventilation is now more important in the roof AND floor (also) for circulation to prevent mildew. Air flow is important in  vehicles just like it is in buildings. It is very complex and expensive doing trial and error, so that one is on the burner for now  Cool
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I currently work out of a GMC 2500 Savana, so I’m in one 8-10 hours a day to start with. Now that I’m buying one I’m looking at my work van completely different. But I’m gonna go with the windows, I love the outdoors but just need to cover them up sometimes.
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Well, one "Could" buy a cargo van, then do an aftermarket cut and modify so they can have a "Window when desired" I remember someone saw a mod where the windows were covered on the outside and then when sunlight was desired, they opened them....
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