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What would you do with an old Republic Wireless phone?
I could use some suggestions on expanding my connectivity options beyond my planned purchase of the Unlimited Verizon 3G plan that I learned about on this forum (many thanks to all who contribute(d) to that thread). For the last 5 years I've been using Republic Wireless for text and talk with a Motorola Moto E at $11.71 per month. For data I've been using WOW at home (central Ohio) for $29.99.

Starting in late January I'll be full-time RVing throughout the western U.S. and I'm trying to decide how to get the best connectivity bang for my buck while on the move. To compliment the Unlimited Verizon 3G service, I'd like to add an additional carrier for data (I'm working my way through the $20/month AT&T Mobley thread presently), and one for talk and text if I can't kill two birds with one stone.

For the talk and text part, I'd like to know how I can find out if I can use my old Moto E for basic service (500 talk, 500 text with access to VOIP, etc. would probably be sufficient). I am also prepared to recycle the phone if it's unreasonable to think I can continue to get some use out of it. But then I'll need a phone and plan, o course. I'm really confused about the freedompop global sims, so at this point I'm leaning towards redpocket only because I can wrap my small head around how to implement it. Any suggestions?
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Keep it
all that talk is overrated
2015 RTR
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I have a Tracfone Smartphone Plan. It's $23.75 on auto pay for TWO months and includes a small amount of data. Additional data is $10 a gigabyte, which overall works well for me as I'm not a regular user of data - I buy it when I need it. More often than not where I camp only 3g is available. This also helps to keep my on the road data usage down. So I pay $12 a month plus 30-60 a year for additional data.

I've read through some of those threads as well and haven't seen a stable market product, perhaps that has changed by now. The Mobley looks interesting.

Let us know what you decide!
-Douglas Tooley

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If you want reliable Data GB. You need Verizon or ATT. Not a shared service. If you only need talk and limited Data or can use Wifi, then any will do.
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