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Bare Plywood Subfloor - Treat?
Your choices are many, given that it's an interior wood project. I've used KILZ primer/sealer often in preparation for a finish coat of paint (over kill in your case, though on it's own very complete for you), and though the cost may seem high, it goes a long way. Essentially, most paint will effectively seal the wood for an interior project, so you can price accordingly. Protecting/sealing the wood from absorbing and subsequent staining/warping/weakening is all you're after. A high gloss could provide a nice finish for adhesive tiles to stick to.
Cheers, Rick
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Bmotion (12-21-2017)
I've never treated the undersides or edges plywood floors in any of my vans dating back 42 years now. None have ever had a problem with moisture or wood rot.

As long as the floor of the van was clean, dry and free of holes before the plywood went in, IMO you'll be fine. I do not screw the plywood to the van floor. I depend on the weight of all the cabinetry that is screwed to both the floor and the strapping I installed on the side walls to hold everything together. I also did the floor plywood layout so that all the seams were underneath the various components once they were installed.

I do edge the plywood along the cargo door side for both looks and to keep the edge of the flooring from chipping etc. I also edged the floor in this van along the front edge behind the driving compartment.
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Bmotion (12-21-2017)
I dont want to put holes in my floor either by screwing the floor down. But im wondering if the seams will lift up or warp over time. Do you think it would be beneficial to use tongue and groove plywood if all the seams are not under something to hold it down?
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