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Newbie and gas
If I had the time and money I would buy the butane stove that can use either butane or propane. I didn't know they made those until after I had boughten mine that only uses butane.  That way if I run out of butane I can always use my propane that I always have with me for my heater.  Also apparently butane doesn't always work in really cold temps  and since I live in the cold, snowy northeast I might have that problem sometimes. Same issue with really high altitudes but most people say they haven't had a problem with that. Plus during hunting season it became very hard to find the butane canisters. Next year I will stock up ahead of hunting season.
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> I recently posted about "remote adapters" available allowing you yo relocate the canister away from the stove.

> Also converting to use different (safer) butane tank types, and also for running any butane device off (much cheaper) propane.
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(12-22-2017, 11:19 AM)Almost There Wrote: I still carry my 2 burner propane stove for cooking outside but for inside the van the butane is my 'go-to' stove.

As I real newbie, can I ask why? Why is butane better inside, but not outside?
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Guessing, bigger size and BTU means easier/safer outside.

Butane more compact and lower power output.

Personally I'd only carry two if I had a big rig, and would convert the indoor one to propane, and only use the butane cylinders when backpacking a picnic.
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GeorgiePorgie (Yesterday)
luv our Butane stove(s)...just picked up a new one for our 2nd van conversion (a 15K BTU, our original is going with Van1 and was 12K BTU). We've never had issues in or out, always follow safe practices and enjoy the convienience. We typicaly get ~4 days of use out of a canister. At 12K to 15K BTU it easily takes the chill off while heating up the water kettle on a cold morning (~2 to 3min is all we need).

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