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I bought a 7x14 enclosed trailer!!
Wow, it really is always a compromise isn't it!  I did a stepvan, loved the aluminum but the lack of payload sucked as did cross country driving!  I did a motorhome last year, worked well, zero stealth (fine for where I was traveling) but without a toad it sucked having to venture out in the stepvan and motorhome or to go shopping in major Cities.  Both sort of suck in that if you have a mechanical issue your home is also out of commission.  Travel trailers are poorly built and have zero stealth, vans are too small for real comforts so it seems like no matter how you cut it there's always something you're having to give up.  I knew this going into it so I've tried something new each year which has me to this.  

It solves a lot of my issues and covers most of my wants.  With an axle flip, arrrg, ahhh, I mean spring over axle conversion (don't want @highdesertranger to freak out on me) and some larger tires I think I can also get it to some more remote locations.  I can leave it parked places while I venture out, it covers my stealth needs and well, I guess we'll see how this goes.  I also figure I'll try it the first year with the truck and I can always move up to a van if needed for more space.  I also have a 5x10 enclosed I posted on here and was working on but the logistics of such a tiny space were really becoming a nightmare, this is double the space (plus a flat roof and walls) which makes everything about 100x easier!

This will be my first DIY camper build (solar, shower, stove, fridge, AC and so on) from an enclosed trailer and this one fit pretty much everything I wanted as follows:

100 sqft (roughly)
Dual axle (both have brakes)
All aluminum
Screwless sides
Flat roof (for ease of mounting solar and such)
Tube walls (instead of z or channel or top hat style)
Super low (for a 7x14) 1,550 curb weight

Things I wished it had or need to do:

Diamond plate aluminum floor
Spring over axle
Roof rack
I wish the belly were covered
I wish the wheels were flush with the trailer

Also, I ended up getting it for $4,000, I haven't bought many enclosed trailers and couldn't find many like it locally so I don't have a frame of reference and don't know how to feel about the price. 

Thoughts, input, ideals, opinions, criticisms?

PS I'm just getting it home in the picture, I'm not going to actually drive it around like it's sitting.

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All kinds of advantages except for one, and that is fuel mileage.

But, trailers do that.

Did it come with insulation or will you be installing some?
Never trust a camp cook with lots of shiny new pans...
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Looks awesome!
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(12-20-2017, 10:09 PM)tx2sturgis Wrote: All kinds of advantages except for one, and that is fuel mileage.

But, trailers do that.

Did it come with insulation or will you be installing some?

No insulation but I would have pulled it anyway in favor of polyiso, I'm going to do 4 inches in the roof and 2 in the walls.  I don't do chemicals so all the press board inside is getting pulled.  And yes, MPG sucks but still better than my last two rigs.
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The following 1 user says Thank You to TucsonAZ for this post:
Grizzly708 (01-11-2018)
(12-20-2017, 10:00 PM)TucsonAZ Wrote: Things I wished it had or need to do:

I wish the wheels were flush with the trailer.

Why would you like to have the trailer wheels flush with the body?
The only advantage I can see is a wider body with more inside roon - Russ

'02 Chevy 2500 Express Conversion Van w/Diesel Engine
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