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Volcano Grill
(12-24-2017, 07:40 PM)LilNomad Wrote: Yes I have one and use it quite frequently. I also have the lid. I dont use the propane assembly as I have a propane stove in the trailer and prefer the flavor of charcoal and woodchips. I actually gave one to a friend since is arrived dented and the company told me to keep it and sent me another one hehe.
To be honest we almost always use ours with charcoal also.  But at least the other options are there if needed.
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I had one and successfully used it with charcoal, propane, and mesquite wood.  I have a Lodge Combo Cooker that worked okay with it, so I'm sure the Dutch Oven would have been great.  The combo cooker was a little wobbly in it because of the handle.  I liked using the fold flat lid BUT it was a funky woven fiberglass material that shed on everything.  (No fun picking fiberglass shards out of my clothing.)  Never found a good solution to that problem, and the grill mysteriously disappeared when my roommate left suddenly.  (The downside of it being compact and easy to carry. )

When finances permit, I will most likely replace it and look for something different for the "lid".  IMO it is well worth the money they ask for it.
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I'm selling mine I got it last month. Had it shipped to Blythe and picked it up while at the RTR. Too big for me.
Brand new Amazon $320.96, $175 takes it. Includes the grill, Dutch oven, reversible grill/griddle and collapsing oven lid.
I'm in San Diego area.  Here's my Craigslist ad:
Ford Transit 130" Medium Roof
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Ford Transit 130" Medium Roof
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