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No RTR for current Ehrenberg dwellers?
Anza Borrego is really nice if you are coming from the West, that's a great option.
If you are coming down from the North, I'd consider Parker, because you still get AZ gas prices and there's a lot of places to stock up in Parker (Safeway, Food City, Walmart) before heading down to Q, where selection is more limited.
Coming from the East I'd consider Yuma, there lots of great spots and Yuma has good places to stock up, including a Sprouts, which is my preferred place for fruits and veggies
Yuma is also a good starting point for Algodones if you were planning on going there anyways.
If you don't feel safe going alone (which really is not an issue), you can meet up with others in one of those places, as you would have done in Ehrenberg.

We are still near Phoenix currently, but are planning to head out to Q a day or two before the start of the RTR.
There are several spots on the way, were we can stop, we haven't made specific plans yet, but happy to help folks that are on that route if we can!
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I’m coming from the east down I40 and will go to Lake Havasu/Parker area first, probably will be there on the first. I want to explore that area then head towards Quartzsite. Hope I’ll meet up with some first timers like myself and some of the tribe before heading to the RTR. Anyone already in that area or heading there? There’s lone tree north, craggy wash, standard wash and more...I just want to get away from these frigid temps!!! By Jan. 7th I’d like to be close to Quartzsite. Can’t believe this is really happening! Soon I’ll be!
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GypsySpirit (12-29-2017)
I’m usually a lurker, but wanted to let folks know about the heinous construction on I8 west of Yuma.

I’ve been in the Yuma area for about a month, came late November to get dental surgery done in Algodones. My plan was to stay at Pilot Knob LTVA.

However, the Sidewinder and Ogilby road exits have been mostly closed for at least the last month, and CA DOT has not been great about giving notice about what will be closed when. It seems to be at the whim of the construction manager. Also, the long stretch from before the west-bound “do you have fruit?” station all the way to the dunes is one lane in both directions, is very backed up, and is often brought to a full stop to allow construction trucks to enter/exit. Bonus, enjoy buying a new windshield from all the rocks spilled on the road.

I’ve been on the road for several years and have seen a lot of construction. This is a speshul kind of cluster#*€%, if you know what I mean. Whoever designed this should be forced to drive it several times a day until they learn how to properly design a construction detour. Uugh.

Anyway, when I tried to stay at Pilot Knob LTVA, they closed the east-bound entrance so the 15min to Yuma became an hour+ out to the dunes then Uturn around back through the construction. The next week, I ran into someone who got trapped out by American Girl Mine when both exits were totally closed and ended up driving several hours on poor dirt roads to get back to town. They made it, but if they had been low on gas, it would have been a bad scene.

I ended up staying at the VA site on the east side of Yuma and at some of the wildlife areas on the road to Quartzite post-surgery. Still good access to Yuma, but no horrible construction. FYI: staying at a wildlife area (non-BLM) does not count against the 14 day BLM rule even if you’re within 25 miles.

The Algodones exit is just before where the construction backup usually starts west-bound, and staying at the casino or on the land to the north of that exit is still easy, free, and safe, if not particularly scenic or quiet.

I was actually through it again yesterday, driving out to meet some friends at the dunes, and both Sidewinder and Ogilby were still totally or partially closed, construction was active, and is scheduled to continue for months, so FYI to folks to proceed with caution if thinking of camping west of Yuma at this time.
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bigsallysmom (01-01-2018), GypsySpirit (12-29-2017), Minormanic (12-29-2017), Confetti (12-29-2017)
Many are taking the 25 mile rule too literally. Just move to a new location and there are many to choose from. Dont forget a short term permit at LTVA of 2 weeks cost 40 dollars and pays for itself with the water trash and dumping which youd have access.
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Minormanic (12-29-2017)
(12-28-2017, 09:17 PM)GypsySpirit Wrote: I'm really thinking Crystal Hill now.  Bob mentions the area (Kofa) in his new video.

I hear the Levee Road area is crowded already.
The other option is the LTVA area, but I didn't budget for that.

im at Levee road right now and its got all kinds of 4 wheeler guys buzzin around pretty dusty, ill probaly get out of here tomorrow
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GypsySpirit (12-29-2017)
Im in lake havasu  any other tribe members here? I have a ford pick up gray with a blue topper , im at the top of the hill past walmart on right side you will see all kinds of campers, probably be here till the 6th or 7th
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Which direction from wal mart? North or south? I’m at wal mart now, if I can find you I will stop and say hi !
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I left too dusty and too many 4 wheelers, im at blm site a few miles out of lake havasu going twords parker its on the left side of thew road lots of campers her you will see them
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lot nicer here no 4 wheelers queit and dust is not being stirreed up , i am learning that you have to be care ful in arizona lots of 4 wheeler guys who love to create a lung chocking dust up LOL
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The last of our group are pulling out today. We talked to the rangers a few times and we were never asked to leave. They did say they like to keep us moving because if we sit too long we start complaining. We also had a small village down here which I understand does not go over well. As one report said, they needed to break our group up. I am sure our connection to the forum and Bob's video did not help but in the end it had no real effect on us.

Personally I am going to hide out until the RTR. Like Bob I recharge by being alone, something I have not had since I was in Cottonwood in the spring.
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dragonflyinthesky (01-04-2018)

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