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Capricci Continued Drydock
Sat, Dec 23. Have decided not to call myself "stranded" in this cold, lonely place. I will call it "dry dock" instead, and focus on fixing Capricci, the escape pod in which I escaped Dallas, Tx. In two days, the natives there celebrate a strange, materialistic ritual they call "Christmas morning". I will attend this event, but I will not give any "tribute". Instead, I have started a new, non-Red Youtube channel. I will move all of my nomad channels to it, and let every "Ad" run without skipping, so that I may support my fellow captains. Capt. Debra Dickenson comes to mind. (I love her channel thumbnails. So pretty!) Anyway, every little bit helps, I hope. While I work to fix Capricci, I must find ways to stay positive and to help my fellow star-travellers, even if those ways are very small. This is how I will fight my way forward, one small step at a time.
1. fancy, whimsy, caper
2. sudden start, motion, or change of direction
4. one old, blue minivan, destined for greatness
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