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One pound tanks
There's been a recall on the 1# flame king refillable bottles.
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I realizes that I caused a bunch of confusion when I mistakenly called a 1 gal tank a 1 pound tank. I apologize for the confusion. I did mean a one gal tank.

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The proper name is 1 pound tank.
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Manchester is a top US mfg, apparently makes DOT-approved 1# bottles, I guess would need to call them direct to find a seller.

1 gallon would be ~4lbs, would of course be a completely different bottle.

I personally haven't seen them, link?
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(12-24-2017, 05:18 AM)Stephen Wrote: I did mean a one gal tank.

AH! Stuff happens.

To answer your opriginal question in regard to a one GALLON (4#) tank:

Yes, it is smaller than normal, but with a standard OPD valve, any propane supplier should be willing to refill it for you. 

When I have mine refilled, often the attendant will smile or remark about how 'cute' it is.  Other than that, they often have a standard charge, like $7.50 or $10 which makes it expensive per gallon. You will pay for the convenience.

If you buy a brand new one, make sure you tell the attendant that it is new, so they can 'purge' it before they fill it.
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