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Class B - Older Dodge Xplorers
(12-29-2017, 11:37 AM)B and C Wrote: I don't know about the Explorers, Roadtreks have a 3" deep pan between the frame rails about 5' long by 32" wide.  They can't make them any deeper because of the driveshaft and exhaust system.  The pic you attached shows a dropped floor outside the frame rails which when standing would be very near the vertical sidewall of the added top.  You may could find a wrecked Roadtrek and get the pan out of it.  That with a 24" top might give you standing height.  I think the standing height in mine is only 6'2" but I am only 6 foot so not a problem for me.  The top on mine is not 24".

Just thoughts to hopefully help with the decisions.  Good luck.

I did not realize that Roadtreks have 5'x32"x3" pans in them that help yield 6'2" standing clearance.  Maybe I can either get a pan from a Roadtrek or Xplorer to install inside my Dodge van followed with a nice 24" top.  Thanks for your input!
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