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1991 chevy cargo utility
Getting this 1991 chevy Tue

Yes, I know it isn't as wide inside & the mileage will be terrible but ... I have visions of "Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Perpetual Indulgence"
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frater secessus (12-23-2017)
congrats. we need pics of the build out. highdesertranger
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HDR, I shall post pix as soon as I have any, but suspect a Zen build is in our future
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highdesertranger (12-24-2017)
I've wondered how one of these would work for a build after seeing a couple on craigslist.  Insulation a bit tricky???  If one can rig access to the storage bins from inside then shelving etc is already a done deal!

I'm totally looking forward to updates with what you do with it, if you don't mind!
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fantym1 (12-26-2017)
This is going to be interesting. When you insulate, consider insulating each of the tool cubby's from the inside at the back each box. that way you wont be losing valuable room inside between the bed walls. The metal curved roof will have to be done from the inside. Make sure all the locks on the boxes work and you will have plenty of storage.
Doing the Van thing since the early eighties.
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fantym1 (12-26-2017)
Vision: replace driver side locking doors with vented sheet metal & cut access doors inside. Insulate against the outside & pack so I can "crack open" the insulation to vent.
The panel door next to the passenger side door already has a louver vent - leave that for propane tank as it also has a rubberized hole to inside (to run the hose thru). Also leave the door above pass side rear wheels for my stove so I can cook in/outside. Cut access doors inside & also sheet metal the outside of the other 2 compartments on pass side. Same insulation strategy. Replace windows with louver vents & add push vents close to the ceiling on the sides beside the doors.
Wanna add hooks outside (both sides) above the "box" to hang ladders, 4" PVC pipe with caps - making more storage & camouflage the (window ) vents
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The roof already has holes (1 per corner) so adding a roof rack should be fairly easy. I figure to cover those holes with flexible magnets for now. Run carriage bolts to attach tarps for shade til I get a rack.
Theres a hole in the floor already that says "plumbing/drain" to me - rollerized container underneath. Roll it to dump, mount empty to rear, good to go.

Am wondering where best to mount 2 spares - 1 steer & 1 drive; suggestions anyone? Underneath is out as the gas tank is in the rear of the box. Topside maybe only option but I'd need to mount a swing arm to get them up/down. And I would like to save the roof for solar panels, but may need to do portable solar.

Hopefully, it'll be ready tomorrow for pick up - I can hardly wait.
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Almost 4got: remove passenger seat & replace with Gypsy's crate, bolt a pad to the cab wall & some eye bolts for her restraint straps.

Am thinking hammock for bed; Gypsy's not sure about that & since she's a Buttoknees Furby, she HAS to approve of the bed...
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Hsmmocks need lots of space, IMO block a proper buildout
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fantym1 (12-29-2017)
Well, the utility van didn't materialize so am looking for something else. Again. Sigh
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