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Quartzsite, AZ - generator repair
I plan on being there for the womens RTR. I'm having generator issues right now, and in hopes someone can recommend a reliable mechanic to fix it. I've been to two Camping Worlds and it now acts like it will start but it wont turn over.  One CW told me it had never been there, and I had the receipt in my hand while the other told me it worked fine when they parked it. grrr.   TIA
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Look for small engine repair firms that are licensed for the brand of generator you have.

For example, if it's an Onan, google Onan generator repair services or contact Onan directly and ask their customer service for a service facility near where you plan to be or where you are now.

CW is probably the worst place to take a RV for any kind of repair, they generally have a horrible reputation for service and pricing (as you've found out)

I'd google for you but I'm still waiting for my signal booster to come in and have terribly slow and precarious connections right now!
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I had good luck with these guys last year, in Blythe (maybe 30 miles from Quartzsite).  My problem wasn't the generator, but they do a lot of RV business.
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