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First Time RTR Attendee Seeks Guidance
Thank you everyone, this will also be my first RTR, I am not scared (too much) about the process, only about my arrival. I likely won't make it there until around 7-PM Saturday night so well after the gathering has begun. Finding a place to park seems a bit daunting since it will likely be after dark. I am hoping it will be organic and I will know where to go and how to get to where everyone is mingling. Any suggestions about knowing what to do when I get there after dark? This will also be my first go at solo camping in a rented mini van! (I hope I think of everything I need!) Also, does anyone know about the Algodonas seminar? Will this be a trip to Mexico or just a talk about it. (I am guessing it is a trip since Bob mentioned several times about needing a passport) and if it is a trip, will there be car pools? Thank you very much in advance for your help, I hope I posted this in the right place. and can find the replies if any LOL
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pollyrose (01-05-2018)
Welcome to the CRVL forums ICR Adventure! Do not drive to the RTR site in the dark. Instead park along the road that parallels the interstate. Bob has a map on his RTR thread - As you drive east along the road you will hit a place where the road is still paved but very bumpy. This is the beginning of a section of 2 week free BLM camping. There are many large areas on the right side from there until the right turn onto the dirt road leading to the RTR site where you can pull off and camp. Just take care so that you do not drive into the ditches or washes. The entry roads are a little hard to spot.

To help you learn the ins and outs of these forums, this "Tips & Tricks" post lists some helpful information to get you started. We look forward to hearing more from you.
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ICR Adventure (12-30-2017)
Hi ICR Adventure,
I arrived after dark last year and did okay. Although it's easy to miss the small sign and turn into the RTR in the dark. I just drove in until I saw a fire with people around it. Parked my van right there and hung out with people at the fire.
Or you could drive to the end of the road and wait for other tribe members coming back from town. Then you could follow them in. Make yourself a "RTR " sign to hold up to identify yourself to make it easier.
You could always relocate the next day when you can see better.

The Algodones seminar is just a talk about it. Then there might be a loosely organized group that caravan down together after the whole RTR is over. You might be able to find people to carpool with if you ask around.
Have fun, and welcome!
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