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Restless - advice please
I have been married for over two decades to a great woman, and have two kids - one in college, one in high school.
I know I am a nomad at heart, I changed continents on a whim before marriage.
I am a responsible and loyal husband, parent and provider, but inside I am dying to hit the road.
Is it even possible? Are these things mutually exclusive? The thought of waiting another decade for both kids to spread their wings depresses me big time. Please chime in, especially if you found a solution. Thank you
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Take weekend trips and long holiday weekend trips when the opportunity comes along.
If we were meant to stay in one place, we'd have roots instead of feet. My little place on the interweb - Cyberian Radio 

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Gardenias (01-03-2018)
We do, but it doesn't cut it for me. Picture of our VW camper bus. Also have a Transit Connect with everything I need for conversion.    
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Invite one at a time, not everyone at once...
plan plan plan every detail of a short weekend trip, make sure they enjoy it and it has elements they'd like (as well as you)
then up your game, invite anyone who wants to go with you, that way they know it's safe, enjoyable, and they'll understand your longing to go and won't guilt you
but even if they do guilt you, you have a responsibility to your own mental health, to take care of yourself, so there's no guilt anyway

get on the road and try to include but if that doesn't work, just go for jaunts, they'll "get it" and even if they don't you still have to do SOME things just for you, no guilt...
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I agree with the others. You can be married and still go on long trips by yourself or bring one of the family with you. It's a great way to start out to see what you like. You might find that just taking some long trips and exploring by yourself might be enough to quench the thirst for the nomad life. You might also find that this is the life for you. I would say take your time and don't rush anything.

You might find that your wife likes going on trips with you and that you both be able to share in the experience together.
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