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Would it be possible to install truck-to-camper pass-through?
[Image: 3RBcNh.png]Like this patented one?  I've never seen a picture of anyone doing it.  You see a lot of females like the idea of 4WD with camper so as not to get stuck offroad.  It's difficult to find other 4WD RV-s.  They like a hard shell, and the idea of being able to jump into the driver's seat and taking off if need be without going outside like in a Class C...but it's difficult to find a small class C that has 4WD.
So if you had a say 3/4 ton 4wd truck, could this be fabricated like in this patent?
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Yes it could be fabricated.

Some reasons it is not seen much could be,

- that no one has wanted to pay licensing to the owner of the patent.

- it lowers the strength of the cabin / truck bed, as they are typically designed.
This can however be compensated for, if one were to implement the system by cutting into existing truck cabins / truck beds. 

So in my opinion it is very much possible to create a bigger passage, than the small square windows that are typically otherwise being used. 

See for instance:
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squid (12-26-2017)
I wouldn't cut the cab out but I would take the rear window out and install an accordion boot.  that's what I have done on my truck.  it gives you a pass through as big as the rear window,


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I've done it. I bought a boot from a local RV stealership to seal the bed/camper to the cab back. I helped the guy take a Mazda B2600 and turn it into an SUV with second-row seats and storage behind in the aft bed section. We sealed it up tight and use auto insulation to keep it warm or cold. The front AC and Heat kept the entire vehicle warm or cool once we were finished.
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Txjaybird (01-29-2018)

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