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Need Laptop Internet Access On Road & Home
Those supercheap deals do require watching your dates, you can't just set and forget, and in most cases you can't get support from the company, that $5 thing is greymarket.

Normal pricing ($60-100+ / mo) is faster, more reliable and *lots* easier.

Best info for cellphone data stuff (besides Jim 8-) is HowardForums.
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DLTooley (12-27-2017), CKT OK (12-26-2017)
Well , if we have to go there .
I have a pay as you go Hotspot
Buy only what you need.
$15=1 GB
$25=2 GB
$40=4 GB (My usual purchase)
$50=5 GB
Good for 60 days.
You can set up auto pay. so.......
Get it all at Wallyworld $50 for a 4g lte hotspot and be online as you asked about.
And stock up on cards as no rollover.

$20 a month. Way cheaper than going with Verizon Service
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CKT OK (12-26-2017)
Tracfone at $10/GB can get Verizon service with unlimited rollover, just have to figure out the hotspotting, maybe a rooted Nexus or something.
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CKT OK (12-26-2017)

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