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Station wagon mod
I've been looking but I can't find a picture where someone has taken a fiberglass high top like the ones they put on vans and put it on an older full size station wagon like   I'm thinking this would make a cool and unusual camper.  Something like an early 90's Buick Roadmaster wagon.  Has anyone seen something like this in their travels?  A station wagon ambulance is as close as I've seen to this.   It would make a decent camper but shades of Ghostbusters comes to mind.  Dustbusters perhaps???

[Image: d527a8a0d282ddcc72ea8c241fa62634.jpg]
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Looks like a hearse

You can get as fancy as you want:

[Image: 1936d662772d64aed18a2871ef03f193.jpg]
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While it's not exactly what you're describing, there's something similar on Craigslist not too far from my area.


.jpg   00O0O_esQx7YBoRdz_50x50c.jpg (Size: 1.01 KB / Downloads: 58)

.jpg   00T0T_FGwRW06fEp_50x50c.jpg (Size: 1,003 bytes / Downloads: 58)
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Ghostbusters had a nice one.  There is a lot of space on the roof for equipment or storage.  : )
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