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Xmas eve robbery
Still shaking 4 men in masks with mac 9's robbed the store i work at, I was thrown to the ground as the perp had the gun to my head. The boss got shot going for the guns, he survived but at 77 years old was shaken up quite a bit. Just had to get that out, no response is necessary .
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Glad you're ok, not hurt.
About to be 'vanless' after FOUR years...
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(12-28-2017, 11:00 AM)wagoneer Wrote: "...Still shaking  no response is necessary."
Sheeesh, what a bumner!  Confused
But now, even if you didn't already know it, you have earned your wings
as  a *survivor*...(You must have a guardian angel.)
Now take a deep breath. 
Angel Charlotte
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Glad things turned out OK......

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I hatesk when that happensk !
Stay Tuned

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Wow, that's scary! Glad you and your boss made it through the robbery without too much physical damage.
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Glad you’re OK
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I worked in a supermarket that got robbed. Later that day I saw the manager and asked if he was OK.
He just looked at me and said "tha tha that th th th thing lo lo looked like a ga ga ga god damn cannon."

I had total respect for him from then on because he wasn't afraid to admit he was scared
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Wow- so glad to hear that you are ok!!
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Glad you are okay
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