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Well, you have to go where the work is...Damnit!
So, getting ready for job search in a couple of weeks.

Bummer I can see approaching. I'll have to work in Tualatin, OR. I'm residenced out of Woodland, WA. (But hang in Vancouver, WA)

Now I am not going to drive back and forth. I looked at the area previous to this and can make a life there (Rest area is 8 miles away and is quite a large one (French Prairie off I-5 south) The north bound is even bigger I believe.

Just hate paying taxes in a state I get little benefit from (Other than the rest area) Bright side is the pay is $15 to start. With 13K of debt, I'll be slamming them hard.

I'd love to work out of Vancouver, but they are paying $12 an hour (When the jobs are offered) and the difference is $55 a week....I'm still thrilled at my hip surgery....I'll let everyone know what happened later...I am not sure I'll apply soon...I still have 19 weeks of UI out of WA.
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Here is the FreeCampsites entry for Tulatin.  Looks like the rest areas have a 12hr limit so you should be good to go!

Good luck on your new gig.
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