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Arriving Late
I’m only going to be able to stay a couple of days at the RTR. I am going to try to arrive Saturday night. My problem is that I have a hard time finding things in the daylight, much less after dark. If I arrive after dark is there an easy place to park until the morning, and then try to find the RTR in time for the boondocking seminar? 
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Yes, there is an easy place to park right before you turn onto the road that leads to the RTR site. Here's a link with Bob's map -
Follow the road east paralleling the interstate. Before making the right hand turn onto the dirt road leading to the RTR  look for parking on either side of the road.  These spots are fairly large and you shouldn't have a problem fimding or accessing them.
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I too will be arriving late, probably not till the 15th.  Will this be a problem?
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Not a problem at all. People come and go throughout the ten days of the RTR. Some can only come for a few days. Some make day trips from other camping areas. Whatever you want to do or can do is fine - just come and enjoy the experience!
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Hi Valerie P & Ajc2 - 

Just wanted to let you know this will be my first time heading to RTR and I too will be late.  I probably won't be able to make it until the 16th. 

However from reading everything here for awhile it sounds like it is no problem! I really like the information posted by rvwandering in this thread about a possible staging area. I'm going to note that and then plan on going from there.  Because I'm towing a 29' trailer I think I might want to stage first and get familiar with the area before I aim for a spot.  

Safe Travels & hope to see you there!
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