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Prospecting question
Are other people's mining claims posted with signage so one could avoid prospecting where you aren't supposed to? I've received conflicting answers from people I've asked.
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the requirement is for 4 corner markers and a discovery marker. no signage is required. the paper work is attached to the discovery marker. but because of the large amount of claim jumping signs have become pretty common. also because certain groups like to destroy the markers you can't count on that. then to compound the problem even more the agency tasked by congress with keeping the records(BLM) is highly inaccurate. the BLM is supposed to keep the records up to date so there is what they call LR2000. but it is highly inaccurate and not up to date. all this leads to fraud, claim jumping, over claiming, etc.

if you are going to the RTR I can explain it better.

you must be part surveyor and be able to read USGS maps and know the public land survey. as a note other maps won't work neither will GPS. but they can help. your best bet is to go to the county recorders their record keeping far surpasses the BLM's. but you still need to know how land is legally surveyed.

so have I totally confused you? like I said if you will be at RTR I might be able to help you some more with some visual aids. if not ask here and I will try to help. highdesertranger
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Grizzly708 (01-11-2018)
A bit off subject but when I went to this thread there was an ad at the top for this mineral identifier. Pretty fancy, I hate it when they don't post the price and want you to contact them for a "quote". Think it might be expensive?

[Image: TSH.jpg]

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Thanks. I do plan on going to the rtr. I'd love to learn more about it if you have time
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(12-28-2017, 10:55 PM)gsfish Wrote: I think this would only tell you what rocks are that you will have to move to get to the gold. Take a look on YouTube at "ask Jeff williams".com.
Dude is a nut job but knows gold better than most. His geology knowledge will help you know what to look for to know where gold travels.

[Image: TSH.jpg]

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Ask Jeff Williams is a great site, his side kick Slim is cool too...
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highdesertranger (01-14-2018)

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