Taking the Leap...(advice and help appreciated!)
Hello friends!

I've been watching full-time RV-life YouTube videos (of course, Bob's is included!) for a better part of a year, and have been following other minimalist lifestyle YouTubers for 2-3 years, now, and I'm taking my first steps towards starting my own full-time RV-life journey.

I'm making this introduction post mostly to ask for advice and do some positive networking.

First off, I'd like to say that I was actually born near the RV Capital of the World: Elkhart, IN. I enjoyed weekend and week-long trips as a child and now want to go back to that!

I'm in my late 20's and have a BA in Applied Cultural Anthropology and Religious Studies. I've spent the last 6 years since graduating in the same town I went to college in, near Indianapolis, Indiana.

Once I realized a few weeks ago that I had been in this same town for nearly ten years, and my whole life in the same state, my heart said, "It's time to go."

My lease is up at the end of July and I've decided that I'd like to see if I can start full-timing with a "Learner RV" by then. I've tried the rat race, with its student loans and credit card debt, and it's not for me anymore.

I've figured out that I'd be looking for a Class C so that I can live comfortably with my two furbaby-kitties and (possibly) my live-in boyfriend.

The biggest problem I'm coming up against right now is that I don't really have any money (as it's all sucked up in paying rent and utility bills, yuck!).

I do have a client-based business that I'm still getting up and running. Hopefully, I'll make some changes and I'll get more clients here soon. My *ultimate* dream would be to have the biz take off so well that my boyfriend and I could quit our J-O-B-S and he could work on his biz while we live the digital nomad life, complete with our respective YT channels and wonderful "work" (that just feels more like PLAY).

I also have a J-O-B that I don't like and a 2004 Cadillac DeVille with low miles that I also currently drive for Uber with. 

According to KBB, my car should bring me about $2.5k in cash if I sold it. Since I got it 3 months ago, I've put in about $800 worth in repairs to it, even though my grandparents did a wonderful job at taking care of it. (Yes, ask me how much I paid for it! Wink ) I'm pretty sure I would be willing to sell/trade my car for a down payment on an RV, but that would also mean I was "giving up" a *relatively* solid income stream, plus a luxury town car.

Here's another problem: I don't want to go through a dealership or a bank in order to get an RV. I don't need any more debt in my life...I've collected enough in my first 20+ years, I'll take some time to pay it down before I'd consider getting more, even if it meant the freedom of my own RV.

So, here's what I'd like some specific advice on, if y'all have stuck around this long (thank you!!!): How do I go about finding someone willing to do a lease-to-own type of thing with me one-on-one? How do I know that I'm not going to be taken advantage of in that situation, and how do I assure that person that I'm not going to screw them over? (Also, BONUS if any of y'all are this wonderful person willing to take a chance on a young chick with two fur-babies looking to break out of the rat race! Or someone who can put me in touch with such an angel person...)

In my experience, the intentions you put out to the Universe is what happens, so I expect to meet intentional, kind, loving people who are willing to help me out because I know that's what I would do if I were in a position to help. Hopefully I'm right in my beliefs.

Beyond my specific questions, any other helpful advice would be much appreciated! I love what I've seen so far of this community, and of the RV community in general, and I can't wait to see what y'all have coming up in your own Paths, as well.

Thank you so much! Safe travels, y'all, and Happy New Year!
~Oracle Jessi~
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Welcome Jessi to the CRVL forums! To help you learn the ins and outs of these forums, this "Tips & Tricks" post lists some helpful information to get you started. We look forward to hearing more from you. highdesertranger
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Hi Jessi,

First of all, welcome to the tribe!  Smile

It sounds like you and I have a lot in common!  I also am:
- hoping to make the transition to full timer sometime between now & July
- Young-ish (I'm 31)
- Racked up a lot of student debt, did the rat race and decided it's not for me
- Have a dream of being a digital nomad with a business doing something I love
- FURBABIES (I have an Australian Shepherd instead of kitties)
- Have a limited budget but want to pay cash for a rig to avoid more debt
- Believe in the power of intention
- Interested in the minimalist lifestyle (especially the RV/Vanlife & Waste-Free movements)

I'm looking forward to hearing about your journey.  Maybe we can support each other along the way.  ^_^  So far, I love the insight and support I've found here in the CRVL community and I think you will too.  I'm also a part of a couple of other groups on Facebook that I love: 
Solo Women Van Dwellers (Despite it's name, I've found this group to be welcoming of all rigs)
Women who RV

May I ask, what size of rig are you looking for?  Where do you plan to take it (rv parks? BLM land? city boondocking?)?

Cheers and welcome!
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oraclejessi (01-03-2018)
Have you thought about a small travel trailer or mini camper you could pull with that Caddy?

Especially if the paint matched, wow you would be styling!

You could move about the country, camp, boondock, maybe enjoy a few decent RV parks or campgrounds with hookups, and still have a car to drive. Maybe even still do the Uber thing, try campground hosting for pay, save up money, get out of rent payments, and possibly move up to a larger RV later. For most of us, our first RV is not our last. Learn the ropes, while you don't have a high RV payment to make. 

In other words, baby steps! 

Never trust a camp cook with lots of shiny new pans...
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oraclejessi (01-03-2018)
(12-29-2017, 06:39 PM)tx2sturgis Wrote: Have you thought about a small travel trailer or mini camper you could pull with that Caddy?

Oh wow, that is a cool idea!
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(12-29-2017, 06:39 PM)tx2sturgis Wrote: Have you thought about a small travel trailer or mini camper you could pull with that Caddy?

I had not considered this, and I don't think it would be enough, especially since any mini-camper would bounce around a lot, which means my kitties wouldn't be able to be in there while driving it, and they wouldn't do well in the car. It may be something to do with a different car in the future...this is a great idea, I'll consider it down the line.

Thanks so much!
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(((Adriana...girl! We are Soul Sisters! Let's chat!! I'm @oraclejessi everywhere that matters, and I'll definitely check out those FB groups.)))

UPDATE: I'm a part of Carolyn's Facebook Fan Page group, so while talking with the nice folks over there I decided to try to get a skoolie! I've already started looking up bus sale places in the south (my boyfriend's family is around Jacksonville, FL and I have friends in SC). I want something from the south that is used so that it's cheaper and with less rust than what I would find around my area.

I've also recognized that I suffer from comparison syndrome a little bit, even in the simple living vein I currently desire. I see these van builds on YouTube and hear about how they "got it done in 11 days" and how they have all these resources, etc. But I had to take a step back recently and remind myself that:
1.) No van/RV/skoolie/camper/whatever is perfect--just like a house, there is always work to be done.
2.) Some people take YEARS to build out their van/skoolie.
3.) Just because others have it "picture perfect" before they move in doesn't mean I have to...
4.) ...all I feel like I *need* to be fine in a skoolie is a bed, water, and a litter box.

I've decided on the skoolie route because I think it'll be a fun project for me, and the project itself can help me build my online digital nomad business in a variety of ways. I don't have a lot of tools myself, but I can borrow from my dad and grandpa if needed, and I'll purchase materials as I have the money. I picture myself doing a lot of camping, BLM, national and rv parks, with trips in to town for the occasional socialization. ;-) Who knows what the actual adventure will be like, but I'm excited to move forward.

Now that I've kinda decided on what my wheels are going to be, do y'all have any tips as to how to find the best bus for my money? Or anything along those lines?

Thanks so much! I really appreciate all your help and encouragement!
~Oracle Jessi~
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