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Cool Trailer/camper I saw
I got back from a mountain bike ride and saw this cool DIY camper trailer parked next to my van

The guy was pulling it with a big pickup truck 
He had to back the trailer into the weeds a bit to get out of the way of the road

So, that's why the trailer looks like it's been abandoned in the weeds Smile

I thought it looked pretty cool

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I like the corrugated galv, probably wouldn't work aesthetically except with wood.

And lets the roofrack kind of blend, all cohesive rather than tacked on, out of place like with the usual smooth curve.

I bet waterproofing issues though, likely need regular maintenance, maybe JB Weld + rivets would be pretty permanent, seal with lots of Sikaflex, looks like "219 LM", but would need to test for adhesion to the zinc, might need to rough it up some.

The corrugations probably cost a bit of fuel mileage though.
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I looked at your post and was going to reply that I had seen that trailer, then realized it was different than the one I saw. I just googled "corrugated metal teardrop trailer" and found quite a few examples of the design. I think they are very unique looking and creative in use of materials.

Here's the one I saw earlier this year. A somewhat cruder execution, I thought it would look great behind a rat rod. I liked the sawed-in-half washtub for the fenders. Smile


Quote:The corrugations probably cost a bit of fuel mileage though.

Could it be the corrugations work like the dimples on a golf ball so it's *more* aerodynamic for better mpg?   Dodgy
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Here's one I've posted before from across the pond:


Love the wash tub fenders on that second one...   Cool
I'm taking care of my procrastination issues;
Just you wait and see.
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That rod is cool!
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Yes those half washtubs are very special!
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