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Anyone tried a hammock in a van?
(12-31-2017, 03:08 PM)WanderingCanuck Wrote: It continues to sound like a viable solution.

As for the cold, if I'm planning to insulate the living space very well...
My wife and i incorporated a couple of high quality (Warbonnet brand) hammocks for about three seasons for use outside. One thing that helped me dial in the comfort is also something i'm wearing as i type... a Selk Bag, think of it as basically an adult one piece insluated snow suit of sorts. I'm in this thing almost all day inside during the winter as we pretty much let the temp do whatever relative to is ~36 outside and ~50 inside.

But the biggest factor for me was that i was basically wearing my sleeping bag and it was a quick step out of the hammock, do the deed, then climb back in. No fuss about getting bedding back in order (which can be a real PITA in a hammock unless you are using under/over quilts).

We focus on keeping our body comfy rather than the air in our full time rigs (our 43ft toy hauler-home, and van conversion).

On the WET! Coast of Oregon
2017 Ram Promaster 159WB HR camping conversion
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