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Road Recommendations? Help
Hello fellow travelers,

I am leaving Washington State and traveling to Quartzsite really soon. I will be taking Interstate 84 through Washington, Oregon, Utah, into Nevada where I hop on the State Road 93. Does anyone know why I am getting reports of people traveling through Utah on Interstate 15 instead which adds an hour to my time? If I go the SR93 route I pass through Vegas and the lodging is super cheap. Is staying on the Interstates better for breakdowns, police stops, or any other factor?

Any advice or wisdom will help.

Fellow Traveler Michael
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Can be a lonely road. Trust your wheelz?

93 connects to 15 north of Vegas.
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Michaelgabriel (12-31-2017)
yep the 93 can get pretty deserted. throw in snow and it could get dicey. same thing applies to the 95 on the other side of the state. what's the weather forecast? highdesertranger
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Highway 93 is an hour shorter than I-15 but feels like two days longer.
Someone wanted me to put this here:
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I just came up from the Vegas area to Portland for Christmas. With only a couple hours difference, I felt a whole hell of a lot more comfortable coming up I-5 instead of cutting through Utah and Idaho. Also much, much more comfortable temps to sleep in (at least once you're out of the mountains in southern OR/northern CA).

How much difference does an hour or two really make in a 20+ hour drive? For me, at least, the extra comfort and security were well worth it.
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Hi Michael,
I second the I-5 route. Seems much safer and easier, even though it's a longer.

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It's winter, I vote with the I-5 people. Heck, that is how I went in the winter when I lived in western Washington.

On the road....
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I've come over 95, I-84 to I-15, 93, I-5 to Bakersfield. 93 is lonely, 95 is better through NV, snow is always a consideration so in deep winter stay on I-5. More traffic, more major population centers, that can be a detriment or a good thing. Further east Boise is nothing compared to that Rat's nest from Brigham City, UT to Payson UT. Las Vegas is no piece of cake either. I would skirt south of LV from Baker CA coming out at Searchlight NV south. I would also consider I-84 to Glenn's Ferry then South on 93 through Wells & Ely coming out North of LV if that doesn't bother you. Again snow!
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I'm going the opposite way at the beginning of February...north to the Oregon coast. Big truck and 27ft 5W so want to avoid cities. Google suggests 95 to Reno to I-5. After reading this thread should I avoid 95? I'm not a huge fan of driving through California with Wyoming plates but will do it if it's that much better.
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During iffy weather seasons, interstates are my best choice. there are places to park. There are less local police. there is sure to be help if needed. they were better maintained when i was there. interstates in the mountains pass near more towns and cites. the traffic is all going the same direction.
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