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Video Editing Software
It makes no sense a computer mfg would install a separate graphics chip and not make use of it. Graphics chips are probably the 3rd or 4th most expensive component in the laptop. Typically you can turn off the integrated graphics chip in BIOS and Windows will see the NVIDIA.

What is the make and model of the laptop? If you can't use the NVIDIA chip, I'd return it.
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Open Shot, it is OK but quirky. You have to save often and click here and there to get the scissors thing to work.

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Thanks for all the quick responses.

I agree it makes no sense but that is what adobe has done with every since late 2015 if I recall correctly.

I have the Acer Predator Helios 300.

Everything I’ve found with the BIOS stated that it’s not an option with this laptop.

I’ve already set everything to use only the Nvidia 1060 but on adobe start up it defaulted to the integrated graphics. It was hitting about 50% on that and 1-2% on the Nvidia just from having a few videos up to be edited.

The issue with premiere is that adobe automatically goes to the integrated like everything else, except regardless of what you set the settings at once adobe opens, on start up it goes back to the integrated card. This is a known issue since the released CS6, if I’m remembering correctly the last version you can manually switch them was in late 2015.

I’ve uninstalled adobe premiere and installed Sony Vegas Pro trial, Vegas Pro appears to be working pretty well. I rendered a 2 min 4K clip in about 30 minutes. It was 5-6 different videos but no editing done to it. Hindsite I never even tried to render on adobe to see how bad it bogged down just because I read it wouldn’t work. so I’ll have to go back and try that.

I’m pleased with what Sony Vegas is showing so far, I’ll also look into all the ones suggested as well.

Again thanks for the responses!
2003 Chevy Silverado 1500 pulling a 1996 21 foot StarCraft
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Modern windows machines have replaced bios with something called UEFI. I'm surprised an Adobe product hasn't figured out graphics systems better than any other vendor. I've met Paul Brainerd, but he's no longer the owner.
-Douglas Tooley

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Well I have to eat my words about adobe premiere. I reinstalled and tried again. 3.5 minute clip. Contained 18 different video clips and a couple small audio files with minor effects transitions etc. The render only took 2 minutes and the export took 5ish. Uploaded to YouTube in less than 20minutes. All videos shot in 2.7k 60fps.

I plan to test it a lot harder in the near future with longer videos with a lot more editing but my initial impression is very good now. Looks like a YouTube channel could be in the works after all
2003 Chevy Silverado 1500 pulling a 1996 21 foot StarCraft
Adventure begins in May
23 years old, from Michigan
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I've just started using Filmora a couple of months ago - so far, I really like it. There are lots of tutorials on YouTube to will you through just about any task.
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