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Anybody game to test this?
5,000 BTU Candle Camper Heater from UCO

I know several members going to get excited about this, in both directions.

Not saying this may not be a total scam, just FYI.

If it does work in a regular vehicle, then will be **much** more effective in a tight well insulated space.

Same as propane, crack your window and never while sleeping.

And yes of course it's expensive, but candle-making is not rocket science 8-)
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A normal 5000 BTU heater would have no issues keeping that small of a space warm. In the conversion to oil a oil lamp base with a wide wick would produce more heat and adjust easier. Hurricane lamps put off a lot more heat than a candle does.
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I have one of those UCO three candle lanterns. 5,000 BTU's! I don't believe it, unless they are talking over the nine hours it takes for the candles to burn. highdesertranger
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There is a utube video on it.
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Yep I have a UCO 3 candle lantern and no way it can keep a van warm on a cold night.

Even if it could, that's about $30-$40 for the candle lantern and $5 to $10 per night to burn those 3 or 4 candles. 

Might as well get a propane heater.
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If they have three candles putting out 5000 BTUs, they must be made out of napalm or something.

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Interesting concept with the shot bottle oil lamps. I was reading around about the BTU output of a regular oil lamp and the general consensus is approx. 1000 with a 3/4" wide wick. If you have some old oil lamps ( I have about a dozen of them) you could replicate this heater by placing a few of them around here and there, just don't put them in a place where you can knock them over. Some extra globes spray painted with VHT black paint would shield the light enough so you can sleep. Again as always, if you are burning something inside your rig make sure you have it vented and also make sure you have a good working CO detector. 20F outside and maybe keeping the inside of your rig at a nice 50F is good sleeping weather. Lantern oil is a whole lot cheaper than those candles.
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I think the candles would work if they got knocked over and caught the van on fire. Then you'd be nice and toasty warm... for a while....

I ended up going with a buddy heater and I'm very happy with it. I do wonder how well a coleman gas lantern would work. It's been a long time since I've used one but I remember them putting off some heat. I'm sure it would put out more than the candles would and it would be cheaper to buy fuel than candles.
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