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DIY Truck Camper Roof
Hi Everyone, Im in the process of making a truck camper....long story short I will be using it for weekend getaways and and for several days at a time when I start building a small cottage as a retirement base camp a few years from now.

Question: Would it be ok to use a pond liner as roof sealer over some 3/8 plywood? I have several feet of the stuff around here and it is thick...about 40 mils thick. I was thinking of using some rubber cement to stick it down to the plywood. It is not compeltley UV resistant...the mfg says it might last ten years in direct light before having to replace it.

Does anyone know of a cheap protective layer I could use over it?
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I've had good luck using Poor Man's Fiberglass on anything Tite Bond II glue will stick to, even masonite holds up if the PMF is completely covering it, but I do live in the dry south eastern part of Utah. I did use some silicone roof sealant from Home Depot over an old rubber roof on an Ajo travel trailer that held up well for the two years I had it.
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thatdarncat (01-01-2018)
Hi Bullfrog, Im in hot and humid SC, If I slap the Titebond II and several layers of outdoor paint to the canvas, how many years do you think I might get from it? is 2-3 years a good average for giving it another coat?
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should be using Titebond III, it's waterproof. highdesertranger
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Titebond II is water resistant glue and Titebond III is waterproof. Exterior water baised acrylic enamel house paint seems to be able to "melt into" and therefore grip better to Tightbond II glue than Titebond III at least for me. I use glue to stick and paint to waterproof normaly but both work. I usually use cheap oops paint and a long handled heavy coat roller so a new coat is easy on a flat roof I do have some low spots that do not drain when I sit long periods the puddles dry and leave a dirty stain but still no leaks after 3 years. Just make sure the canvas is stuck good to the surface and larger weave canvas will hold the waterproof paint. House paint usually lasts a 10 years or more if water dosen't sit on it and probably I'll repaint mine every 5 years just to make it pretty. I have made sinks out of cardboard boxes using this method, some of those lasted several seasons without leaking!
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highdesertranger (01-02-2018)

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