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Starting while cold
Don't know if a 2000 is affected but you might want to research potential Ford sparkplug problems.

A Ford specific forum would be a good resource for info, like the Ford Truck Enthusiasts forum (link below).
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"Come to terms with thy ass for it bares thee." Ha! Ha! We all pay for lack of maintenance in the end.
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Van Man Dave (01-02-2018)

We stayed where it was cold in New Mexico and it didn’t do it. Started right up in the morning while colder than 20 degrees.

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Van Man Dave (01-02-2018)
Yep, tune up with all the filters changed and I'd also change the oil and add Lucas oil additive in the correct quantity according to how much oil you hold to the crankcase. Lucas keeps a film of lubricant on all the surfaces so when you start up your engine the metal on metal is protected until your oil pressure builds up. Also, depending on how cold it is getting in your area, I would add some Heat or similar fuel additive to prevent the water in the fuel from freezing up. We like to think our gasoline is always top quality but sadly it isn't the case.
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