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Utility Trailer Conversion
I am selling my trailer conversion.  I won't be advertising locally (Western Massachusetts) until Spring, but I thought I'd post it here to get a gauge of interest and possibly suggestions on what I should ask for price. It's basically new with 6 months use:

Here are tthe details:

Wells Cargo 6x10ft quality construction
6'6" interior height
New Tires
200 watt solar with inverter
2 Interstate 6 volt golf carts (being kept on charger now)
3 burner Gas stove w oven
2 20# gas bottles - tongue mounted
13 gallon water tank with pump and sink
cold water shower stall
45 qt Whynter fridge
pull out 78" sofa/bed w 5" foam mattress
Lots of storage
Roof vent fan (not Fan-tastic)
Interior outlets for 110 and 12 volt
Closet with pull-out table/work surface
Solid Finished Maple Plywood interior (cost $75 a sheet)with insulation - walls 1/2" ply, cabinets 34" ply

Things that it needs:
Cauliking around shower pan (I never used the shower)
New shower wand/nozzel
There is an issue with the window in the door leaking. I would replace the window
Wave 2 heater is not functional, but the gas lead in is in a handy place for a Buddy (included)
Stereo is not working, so needs replacement, but it's hooked up to high quality speakers and would be a 15 minute change out.

I towed it behind a 6 cylinder Nissan pick-up

Anyway, that's the gist.  Even if you're not in the market, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the value of this sweet little trailer.  Thanks
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Why does Mothercoder come to mind?
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Wow, very handsome! How much does it weigh?

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(01-03-2018, 07:50 PM)Technomad Wrote: Wow, very handsome!  How much does it weigh?

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I'm not sure. The GVW with barn doors is 2990# - probably heavier with ramp.  Add the various components, so...

It's the TW101 model. Specs here:
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What's the price?
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(01-04-2018, 12:57 PM)closeanuf Wrote: What's the price?

I don't have a clue. I was thinking about taking the fair value of the trailer and adding 50% of the cost of the various components. Alternately I could strip the trailer and sell everything separately - would be kind of a shame though since here's quite a bit of work in the cabinets wiring and insulation.  So not sure what I'd ask for it. Don't think I could go higher than what a small used manufactured TT would cost
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Stripping it wouldn't be a shame.  IT WOULD BE A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY !!!!!!!
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posted in wrong place
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(01-02-2018, 02:42 PM)closeanuf Wrote: Why does Mothercoder come to mind?

It is pretty nice. Smile  It would depend on the price plus MA is a bit of a haul from MD.
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(02-01-2018, 01:03 AM)mothercoder Wrote: It is pretty nice. Smile  It would depend on the price plus MA is a bit of a haul from MD.

Gee, if I didn't already order my trailer I might consider it!

The suggestion of 50% the cost of the components seems low - you need to consider the labor of install, and from the pictures the craftsmanship seems high quality.  In the crafts trade, I was always told to multiply the cost of supplies by 3 for an accurate asking price.  Taking into account the non-functioning appliances and the slightly used condition, I might multiply by 1.5-2, add the cost of a slightly used CT, and you should have your asking price.

That being said, if mothercoder is interested, I can offer to drive the trailer to MD on my way to pick up my own in 3 weeks, maybe for the cost of gas to get there?.  I am just over the border from MA in NY.
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