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What's the coldest you have experienced living in van without insulation or heater?
I spent two weeks sleeping in a company truck working a Drilling Rig in Williston, ND.. We experienced a week of sub zero temperatures with the coldest night hitting -18F... Only turned my Diesel Chevy pickup off a couple times to check the oil, just kept adding fuel.

As far as camping goes, 20F on the ground tent at Death Valley's Telescope Peak trail head....
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I think I'll pickup a wool blanket in addition just in case. I usually have one of my roof vents opened 1/3 of the way to avoid condensation.
Thanks all.
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-25º f Who knows what the wind chill was..... Love my sub-zero bag!!

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forget $500 for a down sleeping bag. I use a queen-sized down comforter, fold in half and tuck edges under on one side. My fav is on sale at target right now~$84:
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xNateX (01-14-2018)
yes get a sleep system that will keep you warm in the coldest temp that you plan to be in. heaters are nice but don't rely on them. I always refer to what Colin Fletcher said, "pick out the best sleeping bag you can afford and buy the next best one up". for me I have been in the -5° range a few times. at those temps it's hard to get out of your sleeping bag. highdesertranger
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Hi Friends, 

This past June I went to Yellowstone NP with my cat. I was camped up the mountain and the 2nd day the rangers came by and let us know they were expecting 11-16" of snow that night. I said "GOODBYE" and moved down to lower ground where we got about 4" of snow overnight. I had NO insulation at all, which I wasn't worried about because it WAS JUNE AFTERALL, and I had no source of heat except the van's heater. I'm guessing it was at least 32* as the snow stuck around all day. I WAS MISERABLE! This was due to having food poisoning and no way to heat my van. I left that campsite and went further towards West Yellowstone, at a lower elevation and no snow. The sun came out and the van heated up immediately. 

Two years ago I was traveling from Bryan, Texas to my home in western WA state with the new van mentioned above with no insulation or heating method other than the van heater. I left on March 21, 2015, right after Colorado had a historic snow fall. On my way through Oklahoma I stopped at a Love's and decided to stay the night due to the wind and cold. It had gotten down to 28* with a howling wind. I did have to turn the van heater on in the middle of the night because despite having a 0* sleeping bag, I had forgotten about it and was only using blankets and my cat to stay warm. The following day I noticed the bag and tapped myself in the head. The 0* bag helped a lot the following days of the trip! 

Stay Warm!
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13 degrees with a 34 degree sleeping bag, Have a Fleece blanket folded inside, keeps me nice and warm.

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It was only for New Years. Wife and I stayed in the van New Years instead of driving home impaired. My ceiling is bare metal. I haven't got to insulating and covering it yet. Didn't realize I was out of propane so no heater. It got down to 3 degrees.

I ended up running the motor for about 6 hours just to keep the temperature somewhat bearable. We used lots of blankets and body heat.
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Back in my hiking days, I'd sometimes go backpacking in the winter with lows around 20.

Currently I have three sleeping bags, each with a different temp rating, and layer them together as needed. The coldest I've vanned in was around 30, but I am theoretically good down to about zero. But since I follow the weather, it's unusual for me to be in temps that cold.

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You will be fine with those bags .
Probably just the first two most of the time.
And add the third if you need it.
I've been doing this all the time since the 80s in
temps down to below zero .
I wear most of my clothes including a fleece top (or two) but just because I don't like getting dressed in the cold ! I could sleep naked if I wanted and still be toasty. Wink
Stay Tuned

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