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Drumming Circle on Monday 12/15 at the RTR!
You'll probably hear activity from Skooliepalooza as well since they hold their own gathering and it runs concurrent to the RTR. I think they set up very close to the RTR as well. Party animals they are.... Might be a few more gatherings in the area too that are not as advertised.
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Here is their facebook page:

Looks like there will be a few days of overlap. I believe last year the dates are pretty much the same as RTR.
If we were meant to stay in one place, we'd have roots instead of feet. My little place on the interweb - Cyberian Radio 

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The skoolies had the most incredibly loud generator that ran constantly on one old bus. Like some kind of industrial construction generator. Could be heard thru half of the RTR last year.
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(01-02-2018, 06:53 PM)Motrukdriver Wrote: Here is their facebook page:

The Facebook page says they're at a new location. Directions and gps coordinates point to the Roadrunner 14 day area south on 95.

Maybe they didn't like being near the rtr people.  Angel
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Here is the rule for drum circles that is not open to debate or discussion:

No one in the main camp area should be able to hear it, even as a muffled bass in the distance. Many people find them infuriating. I don't know if it's the sound that causes that reaction, or the rudeness--probably both.

Either way, it's easily solved by driving away and pounding away to your hearts content somewhere away from the main camp so that we can't hear you.

I'm sure many people will want to join you, so you are welcome to announce it so others can know when and where.
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Skooliepooloza will not even be close to the RTR this year. plus different dates.
Jan 5-12 roadrunner blm site off of highway 95.
Have guitar will travel.
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I had no idea how important drum circles were to the nomadic life style. I've lived most my life in california where camping is normally a less than peaceful experience as the neighboring campers find it necessary to bring boom boxes. Culture or camping etiquette? I know not but at 62 years old I can honestly say I've been camping most of my life with family, friends and or solo and have never run across a drum circle...
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I can understand if all are not participating how distracting a drum circle is often sounds like chaos on steroids. Hippie Hill in SF comes to mind. It has everything to do with sensitivity and why would you want to disturb people? Not all drum circles create chaos but unfortunately most do, while there is logic in chaos not everybody gets it. Tapping two small stones/coins/sticks together is a drum circle without the drums.
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Nissi (01-05-2018)
O.K. I understand the importance of location so that it does not impact the main camp. An important thing to note, however: not all drums, drumming, and/or drum circles are 'bad'. It's important to keep in mind that not all drumming is the same.

Some things to consider: What is the intention behind the drumming? Is it to simply 'be loud', be aggressive; or fueled by drugs / alcohol? Or is is to come from an energy of healing, connection, and expansion of the mind in a healthy way?

I have experienced both, and yes, the 1st can be 'yucky'. The 2nd, however, can be a tool like no other. One can find the ability to gain strength, peace and clarity within to move through all sorts of life's obstacles.

To that end, I think it's time to re-name it or identify it as such: "Drumming and Playing for Positive Transformation". I will be there to facilitate. I will be there beforehand, to teach basic beats. Other percussion instruments encouraged. Make your own instrument if you like, as long as it sounds 'good to the ear'. If you're interested or curious on any level, I would encourage you to come, check it out, and experience it for yourself! After all, it's important to always stay open to the possibility of change as you move through life (and this includes opinions and beliefs).

Sooo...who IS interested? PM me Smile
Tracy Sheppard, M.A.
"Act the way you want to FEEL"--Author Unknown

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Van Man Dave (01-03-2018)
Seems like we are all in agreement here then!

Respect each other please!

No drunken, druggie BS (No exceptions, no one wants it anywhere nearby either).

Other peoples sounds can easily be taken as rude;

Extreme distance separation from the main camp (location TBD)

(This is good for us too if we can't hear the generator folks!) 

((Sorry y'all, your generators are the worst thing my ears have ever heard))

Engage in a focused, positive, possibly new experience of creating the original art form of live music in a welcoming environment.

Sounds like everyone can win here, right??

Big Grin   Stay safe out there folks, I am looking forward to yet another awesome RTR gathering with some of the best people on the planet!

And I will be giving out hugs.

Proud YARC inductee
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