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Help with Bed/Couch Combo
Hello everyone, 

So up until 3 months ago I was living homeless in my Prius then bouncing from location to location for some type of residency. Some money came so my father and I got a place in WA and have finally stabilized. At the moment I have a folding foam mattress underneath my desk mainly because it feels the most comfortable. I enjoy being inside and going to school again, but do miss the car at times.

I am trying to build an odd and somewhat unique, but simple sofa that has space underneath similar to a smaller capsule hotel from Japan. The purpose is to have a somewhat large memory foam sofa for lounging, guests or for the occasional overnight stay without taking up space. I understand a foldout sofa bed or memory foam sofa that can be configured in a bed is more practical, but I sleep better in small cozy spaces.

Right now the minimum internal dimensions I need for the capsule area is length 81", width 29", and height 26.5". I figure I can build the frame from 2x2/2x4 wood with the backrest and wood underneath the cushions .5" - 1" wood. To conceal the bedding on the sides and front could be .25". With 2" - 3" memory foam I figure the seat depth will be around 26" and seat height at most 30". I'm thinking I can offset the height for smaller people with a foot rest. I am thinking of having a having a magnet latch that keeps the bedding area locked whether I am inside of outside of it. I have experience working with wood and would get the appropriate tools. I have a small patio space on the ground floor of my apartment for extra space as well including a Prius Gen 3 to transport materials. 

My main concern is the right materials to ensure the project is sturdy. I figure, depending on how I build it and what materials I use I could possibly shave off some measurements from the seat height. Reddit left me with people speculating I was some weird vampire on the DIY subreddit so I figured I would ask the vandwelling community here for some input. 
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Get a futon frame and adapt that to your needs.
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An interior door is 80" long and can be bought in widths of 2" increments from 24" to 36" for around $30, I've bought scratched or damaged ones for less than $10. If you glue a thin piece of luan or 1/4" Plywood which they will cut for you to the top surface you can stand on it. Frame with 2"x2" wood and use the left over luan or plywood to enclose your box. I've used damaged interior doors for lots of projects completely coat them with waterproof paint (oops house paint) to protect them, you could build your whole box using glue and dowels and trimmed damaged doors.
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