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Potty Options
Hi all!

I have seen various options to the portable potty needs. I am wondering if anyone has tried using a healthcare commode as well. Being a former healthcare equipment tech, it occurred to me just now that those would be nice and stable and comfortable to sit on. They come with a bucket underneath and when new, a lid for the bucket too! (for some reason the lids seem to disappear after customers returned them.) They stand at a nice height with some that have adjustable legs to adjust for a taller person. And they do have a normal toilet seat with a top that you can put down like normal toilets, at least the ones I delivered did.

Well, just a thought anyways from this soon to be nomad.  Smile
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I have thought about this, unfortunately I gave the one I had away. Im looking for one. It would take up more space though. Nora
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Speaking not only for myself, but based on what I've read over the years, I'd say that unless you have a lot of extra room in your rig, those healthcare commodes would take up valuable real-estate.  Also, Something like that only has a single use.  It's pretty much only useful as a potty.  
When you're limited for space, it helps if the things you have pull double, or more, duty.  

A bucket-potty can be used for a multitude of things: cloths washer, dish washer, stool, table, garbage can, hamper, stepladder, storage, etc. when not in use as a potty.  
At the very least, a bucket can hold all your toiletries: TP, plastic bags, pool noodle / potty-seat pad, wood shavings, etc. when you're not pooping in it.  
With a dedicated toilet, you have to make room for not only the potty, but also for the aforementioned toiletries.  

Currently I'm using a Camco, 5 gallon camp toilet, and while it's really nice to have flush toilet, I find it takes up way too much room, requires another bin for toiletries, and gets in the way.  
It's also harder to empty than a fairly dry bag of poop, which can be tossed in any dumpster.  

Please know that I'm not trying to bash your idea.  It's just that many people living in the cramped quarters of a van don't have a lot of extra space to spare.  

But if it works for you, great!  Smile
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I'm switching between a 2.5 gallon porta potty and a Luggable Loo.  Both have their plusses and minuses.  

At the moment I'm using the bucket because I find myself in town virtually everyday, especially right now as I'm fighting a cold.  It's easy to chuck the bag in the dumpster everyday and I don't have to deal with getting water and chemicals.  My only expenses are tall kitchen garbage bags and my preference for cedar bedding. 

If I was able to stay out longer I would absolutely use the porta potty.  I dump it once a week.  However, you have to watch your costs because dumping the portable can add up.  Also, if you are out in the boonies that's a long way in to dump unless you couple it with other errands which my need for ice every other day did.  It got to be an expensive task because the vent hole stuck open and it stunk up the van if I didn't dump it often.  It's cleaned out and stored now until I figure out how I want to do things. 

I also wanted to use the commode you are talking about but only if I had a bathroom I could set it in out of the way when not in use.  Right now in my van I have no room for it.  I do use the Loo as a table and for cooking with my Sterno stoves.  I'd do the same with the commode if I didn't have a table in a bigger rig.
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(01-02-2018, 05:14 AM)Netter Wrote: I have seen various options to the portable potty needs. I am wondering if anyone has tried using a healthcare commode as well.

Thanks for the recommendation. That might suit me. My original idea is a frame with a bag underneath, but it would be real mess if the bag slipped out. You could do the same thing with the healthcare commode by putting a small garbage bag in the bucket, but you would have more protection against something going wrong.
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