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Class C Question (for a friend)
I have a friend who has a vintage Class C Winnebago.  Mechanically it's in great shape.  Her first trip was a straight shot of 2,300 miles and when she arrived at her destination, she could see that the cab was pulling away from the coach.  There was no leaking and no big gaps but she could see the seal was expanding.  It has since been repaired.  I'm not exactly sure what she did but I don't think it included any welding - likely just dicor.  

Right now she is stationary but will need to be moving on soon.  She has to decide whether to sell the Class C or keep it.  She has a used Jeep she purchased when she arrived where she's currently at.  Also seems to be mechanically sound but you never know what might happen on the road.  

She can't keep both.  So the decision is whether to sell the RV and live out of the Jeep for a time or sell the Jeep and hope the RV holds together.  She does have some emergency funds but doesn't want to expend the funds on anything else for the time being.  What would you do?  And does anyone have any experience with this happening with a Class C?  

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Yes...had that happen.

Tell her to crawl under the cab area where it joins the body. On mine...the steel rib framing the body of the RV was falling through the floor causing the fiberglass cab to pop free.

Not a hard fix...but it would require a lot of tear out to get at it. In mine..the floor was rotting in that place. The steel rib was bolted to the chassis and a ledger board in the was that board that rotted out.
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