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One Step Closer to the Full-Time RV Lifestyle
Hey Nomads

I am taking one step closer to the full-time RV lifestyle by renting a travel trailer for 4 days, starting on the 15th. This will not be my first time living in a travel trailer, but this will be my first time doing it with an interest. I think that matters!

I have lived in a travel trailer for a month in Southeastern England during the fall of 2016. I do not know the size of the trailer, but it was quite small. Using my height as a measurement marker, I don't think it was bigger than 17 feet. I felt claustrophobic in it.

Fortunately, this one is 32 feet. It was the only one that I could find that was affordable and close to the area. Although, I think the ideal size for me is somewhere between 21 and 25 feet. 

I am not allowed to post links yet, but you will find it using this exact keyphrase in Google, "cozy mountain camper Glenwood springs colorado Airbnb."

Take a look. Be interested to hear your comments.
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