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Room for Two and a Half
(01-03-2018, 11:58 AM)bullfrog Wrote: I believe you can still apply 6 months before your birthday for Social Security and it starts like clock work, at least it did for me!

I qualified for SS almost a year and a half ago.  They say, 3 months to the first check after applying.  I haven't applied yet.  I'm still trying to decide based on some other life outcomes.  BUT I WANT TO!  Oh, buddy, I want to!   Smile
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bullfrog (01-03-2018)
If you can afford the extra space and extra income to support your daughter whilst on the road then do it. It's not everyday when a child wants to actually spend some quality time with a parent. Yes it's your life and you want to spend it the way you want and yes you've done your job and duty as a parent for your children to bring them up and finance their education and now it's time for them to spread their wings and to live their lives. But in the same token and respect you'll never ever have another chance at some real and personal quality time with them again later on in life when they do go their own way and get a job and have their family. Good luck on what ever you decide.
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(01-03-2018, 11:15 AM)NoMadYesHappy Wrote:  Who knows, she may find the love of her life and opt to go the more traditional route.

Good god let's hope not!
If she really wants to do this, it will only push it down the road until she's in the same position as the rest of us - wanting to leave but tied to a job, a mortgage, and all the other trappings of tradition.
Maybe she'll find the love of her life on the road, someone with a van and a traveling soul Smile
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NoMadYesHappy (01-17-2018)
Yah, maybe? I think she's suited for the lifestyle. At the very worst, she'll hate it and want to go live at her mother's house. At the very best, she'll settle into it like a well worn, favorite jacket and avoid the whole material trap altogether.

Thanks, y'all. Smile
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3/4 ton pickup with a lightweight truck camper pulling a small vintage type travel trailer. Set up camp by dropping the trailer off and leveling it, then drop the truck camper and leveling it. Now you have two separate sleeping quarters, an exploration vehicle and a common center camp with fire pit. When she decides to go live her life on her own you have a resource or two to sell and upgrade to what you want to live in. In the mean time you two get to ride together, camp together, shop together and you each have your own living space to decorate as the need arises.
If we were meant to stay in one place, we'd have roots instead of feet. My little place on the interweb - Cyberian Radio 

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